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Lyla hesitantly walks into Buddy's car dealership, finds her father, and tells him that she thinks they should talk to Uncle Gary. Buddy doesn't say anything, but you can see his heart swell at his daughter making the right choice.

Angela holds a letter from UT addressed to Tyra in her hands. Mindy insists that they shouldn't show it to her until after the wedding. Angela doesn't think that's right; Mindy doesn't want her "being all mopey and Tyra-ish" at her wedding, but Angela keeps hemming and hawing until Tyra comes in and wants to know what they're talking about. Angela lets it slip -- "it's from UT" -- and Tyra grabs the letter and runs out of the house, her mother and sister clucking and following her. Tyra screams for Landry, who's just dropped her off. She runs down the sloped yard to the fence along the road, shouting to get his attention. He finally sees her and gets out of the car and they stand, on opposite sides of the fences, while Tyra declares that she's shaking, she's afraid, is sure it's bad news because of the thin envelope, until Landry tells her to just go ahead and open it. She does, there's the requisite pause, and then Tyra breaks into a beaming smile. Landry: "What'd I tell ya?" Tyra screams and hugs Landry and her mother and sister and everyone is happy including me because, God, FINALLY.

Commercials. Board meeting. Superintendent Jerk asks McCoy if he's spoken with Wade about his interest in coming in as Head Coach. Joe takes the microphone and becomes even more Evil Guy Smiley, as he jokes with the Board about how Wade will take whatever salary they offer or he'll personally kick his ass, yuckity yuck yuck. Superintendent asks if there's anyone else who would like to speak on behalf of either Aikman or Coach Taylor before they vote. Suddenly, a spruced up Coach Taylor appears in the back of the room. Tami smiles a small smile, sitting up front with the rest of the Board. Coach comes before the room and declares: "I did not want to be here today. Here I am." It doesn't get much better than that, as Coach proceeds to deliver the most stubborn "fight for your job" speech ever. He snippily tells the room that he loves his job, he's good at it, and he'd like to keep it. He loves the school, and the kids, and feels like he's just gotten started. "There's some people here who want to replace me for an awful lot of money and a boy with a good arm. To those people I would say: 'You're wrong. You are dead wrong.'" Coach Taylor, man among men, people.

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Friday Night Lights




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