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Pep rally in the gym. Cheering, strobe lights, chaos, crowds, the boys again bearing the weight of all these expectations. Coach peers around a bit and notices Tami outside the gym in the hallway having a heated discussion with Assistant Principal Glenn. She's incredulous that, after spending all weekend comforting Katie and J.D., he's telling her that she legally has to call Child Protective Services on Joe McCoy. She tells him that she doesn't think she can do it, but Glenn tells her that she doesn't know the real situation. She thinks this is the first time, but it might not be. The only thing anyone knows is that a bunch of people witnessed this guy beating up his kid: "That's child abuse." Anxious guitars rise up in the background, overtaking the screaming of the pep rally as Tami slowly walks back into the gym and nods at Coach. Coach walks over and they confer -- silently to us -- as they leave the rally. Cut to Tami's office where Coach leans against the bright window telling her that it isn't like they DON'T have a choice. Tami tells him that she actually doesn't think they have a choice in the matter. Coach offers to "do it" but Tami, hands nervously clasped in front of her as she sits at her desk, says that she should do it. She picks up the phone.

Credits. Morning in Dillon. With Little Joy's wistful and chirpy "Next Time Around" (a current favorite song of mine) playing in the background, Slammin' Sammy Mead narrates a bit as the camera cuts around town to various windows and signs wishing the Panthers victory at State. Sammy talks about how the Panthers are maybe about to "get their stocking stuffed" by South Texas, the biggest team anyone has seen in a long time. Cut over to Tim and Lyla in bed, Slammin' Sammy's narration blasting out of the alarm clock next to them. Lyla gets up and scurries through the house to the bathroom. "Ugh" she exclaims in the bathroom, and takes a few coffee filters and lines the toilet. Cut outside where Billy opens the door to his room, wearing only his now patented banana sack, also doing the "pee pee" dance as he scurries to the bathroom. He opens the door, some yelling between him and Lyla ensues until he declares that he'll just piss in the sink. On his way over there he starts shouting at Tim to get up, and then clears some dishes out of the sink. He shouts that he has to show Tim something, Lyla shouts from the bathroom that they have school, Billy shouts back that they're just going to have to skip school: "THIS is your future." Just off frame, he apparently hoists his thing out of the sack and starts pissing in the sink. Billy Riggins. Bravo.

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