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Cut to the Riggins and Lyla pulling up in front of a rustily-sided old shop space cluttered with trash. Tim says it's perfect and Billy says that he thinks so, too. "It was either this or a Quiznos." He says he's going to name it "Riggins' Rigs" and put a refrigerator over in that corner. "24-7. Fixin' cars, drinkin' beer. I mean, what more do you need?" Tim smiles and tells his brother that it's awesome.

Panthers are watching game tape of the South Texas Titans. In the back, an assistant coach leans over and asks Mac if he isn't worried about how good the other team looks. Mac explains his returned presence by saying that he can't afford to be worried, "Doctor's orders. Bad for the ticker." Coach tells his boys to take a good look, the other team is big and fast, and they've never played anyone like that this year. "But you know what, that's the thing, they've never played us yet either." He tells his players that it'll be a good fight.

Taylor kitchen table. Tami flips through an art portfolio, exclaiming. The drawings are simply to perfection for a high school boy -- bulbous root vegetables with faces and arms, a creepy old man, it's all very dreamcatcher/Dungeons and Dragon-y. Tami tells Matt that she is very impressed with his portfolio; Matt smiles shyly next to Julie who's looking through a brochure. Matt says that it's crazy to think about maybe going to art school in Chicago. Chicago! Matt Saracen! I have a guest room if you need one! Tami asks Julie what she thinks and Julie says that she thinks it's a great possibility, in a real city with coffee shops and museums and, pause, "culture." Matt mutters, "More than here" and you can see that this is hard for Julie to think about right now.

Nice transition over to Landry, also flipping through some pages. He makes a big X through one of the pages as Tyra sits down next to him. "Well?" she asks. Landry -- born teacher -- turns it around and asks her what she thinks, how she thinks colleges are going to respond to the paper. Tyra realizes he hates it, which Landry denies for a second before telling her that he really does hate it. He asks her why, exactly, every paragraph needs to tie back to Applebee's. Oh, good lord. Tyra: "Cuz I use it as a metaphor! It works!" Landry reads a bit: "Sometimes it gets busy, you have to roll with the punches, just like in life." He tells Tyra that it reads like a "five page needlepoint pillow" which, honestly, is the most perfect summation of what one often gets in student papers which are somehow always discovering that life or literature is just like they thought it always was. The circular logic of American truisms. Landry tells her that she needs to "dig deeper, and fastly."

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Friday Night Lights




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