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McCoys. The doorbell rings and Joe goes to open it. He finds a sheriff and two people from Child Protective Services. Cut to a few moments later, Joe and Katie are cornered by one representative while J.D. is in another room with the other. Joe insists that he wants a lawyer, and that they can't split the family up like that. In the other room, the woman asks J.D. if his father has ever hit him before. The camera ranges around family snapshots as she asks these questions of the boy. He says he is not afraid of his father and that he just wants this to be over. J.D. gets more and more incredulous the more questions she asks, and he plaintively asks if they're going to take his father away from him. From the other room we hear Joe's voice, raised, yelling about "what country is this?" before the CPS guy tells him he needs to calm down, because they can take J.D. away from them if they want. Katie tells her husband to just shut up. "Please."

Commercials. Matt and his mom in the kitchen at the Saracen's. Matt's scrambling some eggs and breaking our hearts by brightly talking about how cool it would be to study at the Art Institute of Chicago -- "they have, like, one of the biggest Van Gogh collections in the country." Bless his brochure-reading heart. He says that Tami thinks he could really get in, and Shelby confirms as much. But Matt is worrying about how he'd pay for it. Shelby tells him that she has money saved and that she could send him money each month: "Ya know, people always need hair cuts." Grandma comes around the corner into the kitchen and catches the end of the conversation. "Where you sendin' money? Where you thinkin' 'bout goin' honey?" Matt stutters about "this art school" and that Mrs. Taylor -- "Coach's wife" he makes sure to point out to Coach-worshipping Lorraine -- thinks he could get in. Grandma remarks confusedly about how Chicago is way up in "Illi-noise" (cute!) and then tells him it's too far, what would she do without him. Shelby quietly reminds her that she'd like to stay and help out, but Grandma hisses that she made it perfectly clear she isn't living with Shelby. Matt mutters dejectedly that it was just an idea, but Grandma keeps going, "What's this about art school anyway? Isn't that a big waste of money?" Matt serves her up some eggs and mutters that it was just an idea for a minute, and Grandma -- reaching in and trying to pull out some sort of guardianship over this grandson that she raised but who is now fully HER caretaker -- remarks smugly, "Wadn't a good idea, now was it?"

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Friday Night Lights




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