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Football field. Coach pep talks his kids and then asks "Where's Lance?" Hee. Landry goes over to Coach who announces that "Lance has earned himself a spot on special teams." Everyone cheers and claps, but the camera catches J.D. looking sullen and confused in the back.

Coach's office, lots of men conferring quietly over strategy when J.D. walks in, and asks Coach directly, "Was that you that called those people from CPS?" Coach asks his assistant coaches to give them a minute and they file out. Coach gets up, looks at the kid, and tells him that it was. J.D. begs to know why, and Coach tells him that he did it because it's the law. J.D., tears in his eyes, doesn't want to hear about any law and asks how Coach could do this to his family. He thinks Coach "wanted" to report his father. Coach kind of testily tells J.D. that he's sorry that he thinks that and J.D., breathing heavily with repressed tears tells Coach that "I play football for you, Coach. That's it." And then turns around and leaves. Not to break up this emotional moment, but I finally realized who J.D. reminds me of, and it's Mitch from Real Genius ("You rented out my rooom? Mom, to whoooo?!")

Lyla and Buddy sit together at the Alamo Freeze. Buddy tells Lyla that he's doing fine, he's been knocked down before and always gets up. He tells her that he owes her an apology, and tries to explain that he did what he did because he didn't want to disappoint her. He asks her to move back in with him, and she quietly says "OK." Buddy's like "What? Okay?" and Lyla tells him that the Riggins house is disgusting, she needs to get out of there. Buddy smirks a bit and states that, oh, the honeymoon is over? Lyla tells him that's not the case at all, she and Tim are doing great. And that the reason she isn't mad at Buddy anymore is because the whole college thing has worked out: "I'm going to San Antonio State with Tim. We're probably going to get a place together." She fixes her father with a look and says that it's sort of like the whole Vanderbilt thing not working out is "fate." Lyla, don't do this! I love you and Timmy Riggins together right now, but girl you have got to go to college and have your own life. Do NOT move in with a boy as a freshman! This is death to your very soul! Buddy just sort of says "Huh" and then "Okay." I can't tell if he's just picking his battles right here, or if he really doesn't see the difference between Lyla going to a school like Vanderbilt and learning to be her own woman, and Lyla going to San Antonio State, clinging to her man.

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