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Commercials. Landry rushes into Tyra's house, all atwitter that he's going to be playing in the State Championship rather than just sitting on the bench. He tells her that whatever crappy seats she has tickets for, she should chuck them, because he has tickets for slightly less crappy seats. Tyra interrupts him and tells him that she can't go to the game, she has to finish her essay. Landry pauses and tries to play it cool, telling her that of course she's right about that.

Cut to a bumping party at The Playgirl Ranch. Everybody's drunk and making out. Except J.D., who's shoved up against the wall next to Madison who is jawing around at somebody. Cut to Landry commiserating with some guys about how he should be happy for Tyra that she's pursuing her dreams, but at the same time this is huge for him. The two guys he's blabbing to tell him that he's bumming them out. But Landry needs to know: "If a tree falls in the forest..." One of the guys just declares, "WHO CARES?" and then gives Landry a shot. "We're going to celebrate. To State." Landry tosses it back with them.

Cut to a huge crowd outside the high school cheering the team as they file onto the bus. Tim pins Lyla against the front of the bus in a Sexy Kiss, right next to Buddy, ouch! Matt grabs his grandmother's excited hand as he passes; Julie is right next to Lorraine. Coach approaches Joe McCoy off to the side. Joe is wearing mirrored sunglasses and standing with his arms crossed in front of him. Coach tells Joe that he hopes once the game is over they can get together and talk about this. Joe smarmily asks if Coach is trying to put out the fire he started. Coach responds that he isn't trying to place blame, and he's sure Joe isn't either, and that all he's talking about is helping J.D. get through all this. All Joe has to say -- totally impassive behind those glasses -- is that he's "sure" Coach is real concerned, but he can handle J.D. "He's just fine." Coach just sort of sighs and looks down, "Aright, Joe."

Inside the bus, Coach tells his gentlemen to enjoy the ride. Matt realizes that Landry isn't on the bus and starts asking around; nobody's seen him.

Phone ringing. Landry, on the floor of The Playgirl Ranch, reaches in his pocket and answers it. In his hungover fog, he wonders where the hell Matt is and Matt tells him that he's on the bus on his way to Austin. Landry better get driving to get there in time. Landry jumps to his feet and starts scrambling and shouting for Mindy, who's just come shuffling out of Billy's room wrapped in a blanket and looking green. Cut to the Collette household, where Mindy zombie-drunks inside wearing sunglasses. Landry's dealing with his hangover a little better, yelling for Tyra, who's at the kitchen table with her laptop. Mindy tells Landry to shush and then moans, "I'm gonna puke." Landry tells Tyra she needs to drive him to Austin; Tyra says she can't, she's working on this essay, and why can't Landry drive himself. Landry is conveniently pretty sure that he's legally drunk still right now, and he pleads with her. Tyra tells him that if he helps her with the essay, she'll drive him. Landry's agreement to this contract is punctuated by the sounds of Mindy, bent over the toilet (door to the bathroom totally wide open).

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