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On the bus to Austin, an assistant coach leads the team in some military-esque call and response. We cut between the boys on the bus and shots of all the vehicles -- emblazoned with "Go Panthers" sentiments in soap and girlish bubble writing -- driving with the bus to Austin. The camera picks J.D. and Matt out of the chanting crowd, both lost in their own thoughts.

Commercials. Texas Memorial Stadium at the University of Texas. The sky is blazing blue, the field green green. Reporters are on the field -- they've got Tim declaring that he thinks they'll get "the W" today; Matt's giving the reporters examples of second string quarterbacks that also play receiver in the NFL. A momentous and sustained feedback drone plays on the soundtrack. Up in the stands, Julie and Grandma sit together. Julie's wearing sweet double french braids. Grandma asks Julie if Matthew has ever talked to her about wanting to be an artist. Julie tells Lorraine that he does love art, and is really good at it. Grandma says that she knew he was a good artist, "But he loves football, honey." Julie diplomatically tells her that she just doesn't think that football is a career path he wants. Grandma, kind of talking herself into it now, remarks that she always has encouraged him in everything. "I don't want to be the one to hold him back from anything." And then Julie, reaching into my heart and breaking it in two, quietly, as she looks out onto the field, "I know. Me neither." She reaches over and takes Lorraine's hand.

Back down on the field, J.D. does his part with the reporters, assuring them that he'll get the win for the team. Coach watches him from a bit away. J.D. leaves the reporters and Coach calls to him, "Hey." J.D. ignores him, and Coach calls again. J.D. turns on his heel and sighs exasperatedly. They come together in the middle of the enormous stadium. Coach takes a minute and then launches into his speech. He tells J.D. that he knows this is a difficult situation, that fact isn't lost on him. "This team's depending on you. That means there's a freedom. That's not pressure." Coach just dropped some wisdom right there, about leadership, I seriously love that sentiment. But the wisdom is totally lost on J.D., who Coach asks to at least acknowledge what he's saying. J.D. remains silent, and Coach once again downgrades his wisdom, this time just requesting that they leave it off the field. J.D. finally assents and they part. Wow. Wow. Coach just started out trying to impart a life lesson to this kid, but instead ended up being taught a life lesson himself: sometimes you just need to go your separate ways. That's harsh.

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Friday Night Lights




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