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Katie McCoy and Tami run into each other in the lobby of the hotel. Tami's pushing Gracie in a stroller. She gets Katie to stop a minute. Tami kind of goodnaturedly acknowledges that she knows she must be furious, but she just really wants to know how Katie is doing. Katie, sarcastic, tells her that "well, let's see:" two state flunkies busted into their house, scared the hell out them, she and Joe have to take parenting classes from a twenty-three year old who doesn't even have kids, and for the next year, CPS can just drop by at any time and if they don't like what they see, they can take J.D. away from them. Tami pleads with her friend, telling her how sorry she is and that she had no choice in the matter. Katie looks at Tami and tells her that "Well, you do what you have to do. Now you'll forgive me if I want nothing to do with you." Tami, totally abashed, squeaks out a yes just as Katie turns to leave. Tami quickly puts her sunglasses on to mask the tears and heads out the door, totally defeated.

Tyra drives her truck, Landry in the front seat. She asks him to read back what she has so far, and Landry starts to but falls asleep right around "help me to develop skill and appreciation..." She tells him that he's mean and demands to know what he thinks she should write. Landry tells her that she obviously doesn't believe anything that's on the page. Tyra wonders if she should write about her trashy family? Or the fact that my sister is a stripper? YES TYRA YES. Or how my mom is a high school dropout who drinks boxes of wine like it's water? YES TYRA YES. Or about how I lost my virginity when I was thirteen? Okay, maybe not that, Tyra. But, seriously, I went out on a major limb in my college essay (writing honestly about getting suspended for bringing alcohol to school -- yes, seriously, I did that) and I think it absolutely is what got me in. Tyra is on a roll right now, though, pissed at what she perceives as Landry's unreasonable expectations: "Oooh! I know! How about I write about how up 'til two years ago, I had enough hate in my heart to start a friggin' car?" Landry waits to see if she's finished and then asks her: "What changed? What changed two years ago?" Tyra thinks for a minute and it all just opens up like the gorgeous Texas sky: "Jason Street got paralyzed." Poignant guitars begin in the background as Tyra muses, her hair blowing in the wind from the open truck window, that Jason was a hero, such a good guy, and that when he got paralyzed she realized that life isn't fair for anyone, so she needed to stop feeling sorry for herself. Landry, computer in his lap, types some words. "And what else?" he prompts. Tyra mentions becoming friends with Julie, and Mrs. Taylor taking some interest in her. Pause. "And, you. I met you." And then she continues, "I started feelin' like I was on the inside, instead of the outside."

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Friday Night Lights




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