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Oh, kids. I am happy for you. Now please do not go and murder anyone.

Commercials. Game time! Bright beautiful shots of a packed stadium at mid-day under the Texas sun, but the cheers and pageantry are muted, somber instrumental music playing over. We cut into the Panther locker room, the boys jittery with nerves -- hands twitching, legs involuntarily pumping -- as Coach stands before them, his back to the audience. Coach asks them, "Can you play like champions?" and they explode into a "YES SIR!" and burst out of the locker room. Slammin' Sammy narrates us out onto the field, talking about how this looks like a David versus Goliath situation. The Titans -- team colors: black and black -- saunter onto the field, and win the coin toss. They elect to receive, and the game starts... with an immediate Titan touchdown. Oh, dear. All the Dillon folks in the stands are disheartened, but try to cheer their team on. Back to the game, Slammin' Sammy narrates that all of the Panthers' hopes are resting on J.D.'s shoulders. J.D. takes a snap, and gets sacked. Hard. Next snap, intercepted and run back for a touchdown. J.D. starts freaking out, yelling at Saracen to run his routes. Coach, from the sidelines, bends J.D.'s ear as he passes, telling the boy that he has to keep his eyes open. J.D. just sort of shouts at Coach about the team not protecting him.

In the stands, the McCoys look concerned. Next snap, huge sack. An incomplete, another sack, and over and over and over. J.D. slaps the ground in frustration and starts shouting at his team. Tim tells him to settle down, but he keeps yelling in that adolescent reedy voice of his, "C'mon you guys!" Coach calls him over to the sidelines and tells him to settle down, to stop talking to him like that. Coach tells him they've got a lot of game left and sends the kid back on the field. Last play before half-time. J.D. finds Tim in the endzone. He's in the air reaching for the ball when he gets his legs knocked out from under him, causing him to flip over and lose control of the ball. A Titan picks it up in the Panther endzone and runs it all the way down the field for another Titan touchdown. J.D. brats off the field, pushing some of his teammates and yelling at them for not giving him any protection. He flops down on the bench and whips his helmet off. Coach, sunglasses on, but hair emoting, looks confused and ready to do something drastic as he looks at the scoreboard at half: Panthers 0, Titans 27.

Locker room. It's a silent sad scene in there. Coach tells them that they need more. The offense look like they're on roller skates, they need to stay in their splits, everyone has got to come off the ball. But then some tense guitars start quietly in the background and Coach gets animated. They're going to change their approach, they're not going to allow any more big plays, gentlemen. And then the vocals to the song come in and I realize it's a song by friends of mine and my husband's ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. Austin late 90s reprezent! Coach catches the eye of one of his players and asks what the hell he's looking at, demanding to know whether the kid wants to be out on the field. YES SIR is the reply. Coach paces some, and then declares, "J.D.? You're out. Saracen, you're in." J.D. tries to protest but Coach yells over him, "There's a fight going on out there, gentlemen. Why don't you get in it? Cleareyesfullhearts...." CAN'T LOSE. The boys bust out of the locker room, leaving J.D. behind to kick a stool over in frustration.

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