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At the Garritys', the family plus Jason are outside having a fall evening picnic. Jason explains the rules of quad rugby to Lyla's twenty-eight-year-old mom who nods and coos and exclaims. Buddy's at the grill. Jason says he wants to be "picker" and Lyla clarifies that it's like the quarterback position of the team. Lyla's mom asks if this is what she sees "them" playing at the YMCA, and Jason is, like, um, no, because that the YMCA is totally not Xtreme. Jason tells her that what she sees at the Y is wheelchair basketball and it's for GRANNIES: "there's a huge difference." Why all the hate for wheelchair basketball? From off screen, Buddy jerks, "Oh, yeah, huuuge difference." Jason's smile tightens and he turns to his future father-in-fat to tell him that the guys playing quad rugby are "world-class athletes. Three last year won medals." Lyla's mom says, brightly, "Oh, itn't that greaaat" and I sort of can't blame the Garritys for their condescension, because, really, "medals"?

Buddy is itching for a fight, though, and he continues, telling Jason he knows that the sport is a good hobby. Lyla tells her Dad that it isn't a hobby, and Buddy replies that "you can't make a livin' from it, honey, so it must be a hobby." The women see where this is going and ask the boys to stop and just eat. Jason pauses and decides to go for it, "What do you have against quad rugby, Mr. Garrity?" wondering why every time he comes over, he makes fun of it. Buddy is not above mixing it up with a seventeen-year-old, and he starts asking Jason how he's going to make a living. I sure am glad my dad was a little more hands-off with my boyfriends in high school, who probably would have answered that question with an interpretive keg stand performance. But right now the conversation starts getting really heated, and Buddy asks Jason if he plans on making his living off the lawsuit against Coach Taylor. Jason tells Buddy to stop acting "like a little kid" and get over that. In the background, some tense guitars start up, and I'm happy to hear that it's my husband's old friends from Austin, those friends who once did their "smash up their equipment" routine right in the middle of his living room, the incomparably-annoyingly-named ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.

Buddy turns directly to Jason and starts pointing and shouting at him for suing "my team." Jason guffaws, "Your team? Your team? How 'bout a little compassion over here, Mr. Garrity, I'm the one who's paralyzed." The soundtrack builds, and Buddy finally turns away from Jason to try to cool things down. He tells Jason to "play the game, play the game," but Jason is still hopped up and he tells him that he will, and not only will he play, but when he tours all over the world, he'll take Lyla with him, "cuz we're getting married." This stops the Garritys in their tracks, as both Lyla's parents stand slackjawed. Lyla, for her part, clenches a whispered "Jason!" and looks at him in total annoyance. I mean, what a boob, right? But Jason plows ahead, announcing that they picked out a ring that morning. Lyla's mom walks away, and then Lyla herself gets up and leaves Jason to shout after her, insisting he hasn't done anything wrong.

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