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Tami is also feeling the effects of Coach "Harshin' My Buzz" Taylor, as we cut to the Taylors bringing some groceries in the house, Tami telling her husband that he is "tied up in knots right now. You're wound up like a drum." Tami ventures that his attitude is what has Smash off kilter right now: "Style filters down, babe." Coach swings around to face his wife, and for once he and his hair speak with one voice: "Style filters down?" Tami suggests that Smash is a boy, he made a mistake, and he is trying desperately to get back in Coach's good graces. Tami thinks that Coach is being so hard on Smash that the kid is losing his confidence and passion. She tells him to talk to Smash and "turn that around." Both Coach and his hair are speechless for once.

Back at the Golfing for Love and Affection tournament, Tim is apparently doing pretty well and enjoying trash talking his daddy. They get in the cart and Tim asks Daddyshack if he's feeling the pressure; Daddyshack says "not really...I've seen you putt." Altogether it seems like nice, affectionate father/son ribbing. Key word there being "seems."

The fields next to the apartment complex the Williamses live in. A group of boys and girls play touch football. Coach gets out of his car and approaches Smash, who's sitting outside, studying a playbook and watching the kids. One little kid plays with a louder mouth and more style than the rest. Coach recalls that they had a kid like that in his neighborhood growing up. Smash turns to him and says, "I was that kid." Coach opens the conversation by trying to explain why he's being so hard on Smash. Smash interrupts him to say he knows its because he let Coach down, but that he doesn't need Coach to like him. "I'm gonna do what I need to do on my own." Coach turns to the kid and corrects him, telling him if he "wants to fly solo, you go run track." He tells Smash that sometimes "we" take all this so seriously we forget why we love to play so much. He pauses: "I'm guilty of that."

The kids run up to Coach and Smash, the little loudmouth in the front. He asks, "You really Coach Taylor?" and Kyle Chandler responds with incredibly endearing cranky charisma: "I am." The little kid informs Coach to keep an eye out for him on the first day of practice, 2014. "Remember the name, Coach. Miles Shepherd." Coach responds seriously, telling him that he will remember the name, telling the boy to call him when he gets out of peewee. The little spitfire moves on to Smash, asking him if he'll come out and play, "I need a challenge, dog." Coach asks the kids, "Y'all want to play some football?" and MY HEART IS OFFICIALLY WARMED. The group runs out into the field of freaking dreams and breaks into little teams. Coach tosses the ball and swings kids around. This is a man who knows when to work and when to play and when to be tough and when to go easy. If the man has any flaws, he must be hiding them in his hair.

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