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Speaking of knowing how to play, Tim and Daddyshack wind up their game of "Make a Hole-in-One and Win a Father for a Day." Daddyshack sinks his putt and starts prancing around, all "Yes!" and "Suck it, Orphan Boy!" What a jerk. Tim is really down in the mouth, so Daddyshack asks him what his problem is, "You thought I was gonna let you win?" Tim, plaintively, tells his father that if he didn't want to come to the game he could have just said so, that it would have been a lot easier. Daddyshack responds by telling Tim, basically, that "it's not you, it's me," saying that Tim can come to visit him anytime, but he just can't go to Dillon. Tim isn't pacified, saying that Billy was right in telling him not to come. Daddyshack starts yelling at him about how he won fair and square. Tim walks away and yells back, "Congratulations! Is that what you need right now?" Daddyshack keeps yelling, Tim keeps walking.

Shot of Tim driving home, and then to him walking through the door to the Playgirl Ranch. He tosses the signed paper in front of Billy and grabs a beer from the fridge. Billy gets up and says that he can't believe that Timmy spent the night, but before we have to get all up in another sad sack scene, we get a little bit of high school idiocracy. Which, in the course of getting rid of the sad emo just goes ahead and -- you know it -- brings the sexy back. JT, who plays in the soundtrack of my dreams every night -- has decided to make an appearance on the soundtrack of my show, and I am quite satisfied by his decision.

So the sexy is being brought back when a car pulls up, honking, in front of the Playgirl Ranch, and a rally girl busts through the door to grab Tim. Tim looks lascivious as he drifts out the door with her, telling his brother that he'll take mental notes. I think this might be the one subject Billy Riggins doesn't need the Cliff's Notes for. Montage of other boys getting roused out of bed by rally girls, including, one confused and boxer-shorted Matt Saracen, whose Grandmother assures him that the girls are doing this for the fundraiser. Okay, Grandma!

Cut to Hot Tub Party Town where the sexy continues to be broughten. Rally Girls -- who are all, sorry, kind of ugly -- are clad in football jerseys. Two of them look at pictures on a laptop and remark about how "that's definitely Mr. October." So they're taking pictures for a calendar. Do they always do hot tub shots, I wonder? In fact, I probably have wondered far too much and too often about this fictional fundraising calendar featuring the bodies of high school boys.

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