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Stakes Is High

Lots of wooing! WOOOO! WOOOO! SEXY BACK! SEXY IS BEING BROUGHT! WOOOO! I love parties. Lots of drunken careening and horseplay. WOOOOO! Matt follows Tim around, saying he doesn't know if he can do this. Tim doesn't know if he can be bothered to give a shit. Matt is worried about Julie finding out about these shenanigans. True, the girl who loves Cocteau is probably not going to go so much for her boyfriend being Cocteased by some Rally Girls on film. Tim tells Matt it's no big deal, that it's just a few pictures for charity. Smash enters with much fanfare and handshakes, and then a rally girl comes and drags Matt away, telling him he'll be her Mr. November. Matt gets dragged to the hot tub where his shirt gets peeled off, he slips all over the place before getting handed a drink and lowered into a group of sassy, horny women. Which, frankly, I really can't complain about. The girls rub up on Matt and he smiles and laughs. And all of it gets caught on camera.

Morning. The Taylors are in their bedroom, Tami making up the bed, Coach in her way getting dressed in a suit. Tami exclaims over how infuriating the whole law suit is until Coach tells her that she's just making it worse. She offers to come with him to support him, but he says there's no need. He tells her that there will be times when he needs her in the courtroom with him, but today -- just a hearing -- is not one of them. He thanks her for offering, and they lean in for a kiss. Followed by a "no, I really mean it, I really love you" kiss, and then Coach looking at his wife and sighing, "I know."

Courtroom. Coach and Jason see one another across the hallway. Coach walks over and greets his protégé. Jason reminds Coach that they aren't supposed to talk, and Coach is like, puh-lease, I'm not hear to talk about the case. "I heard about you and Lyla." Lord, does this man have a lot on his plate. How many people's lives must he touch? Coach tells Jason that marriage is not a fix, that it's a huge decision and that Jason had better just make sure he's sure. Jason: "I'm sure. I am sure," and then explains that maybe Lyla isn't so sure. Coach pauses and then tells Jason that nobody is telling him that they shouldn't get married. He tells him to just take some time to figure it all out and then jokes "If you make your future father-in-law happy, who knows, you might be able to squeeze a big party out of him." Jason laughs and says he isn't sure about that and then tells Coach about how angry Buddy was when Jason announced the engagement. Coach is tickled by this information and gets a big grin on his face, "Was he?" Jason obliges, "You shoulda seen that big old head a his, it was all red..." and the two share a nice moment until DUN DUN DUN, Jason's asshole parents approach them from behind. Coach walks off. Jason follows and apologizes that they are making him do this on a game day. "It wasn't my choice." Coach smiles gratefully and then walks off.

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