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School hallway. Matt finds Julie at her locker and wonders why she wasn't in math. He asks if she finished her book the night before. She says she did, and then ingenuously asks what he did the night before. Context clues, Matthew! Context clues! She clearly knows what's up. Just come clean!

Matt cannot hear my hysterical ravings, seeing as how he is a fictional character trapped inside my computer screen right now. So, instead of heeding my advice, he lies. He says he didn't do much, just went to work, then went home. Julie's mouth trembles as she blurts "I saw the calendar!" Matt stutters and stumbles, and Julie tells him that a bunch of the Rally Girls were passing the calendar around. Then Matt stutters and stumbles some more, insisting that he was kidnapped that nothing happened, nothing happened at all. She wonders why he lied if nothing happened. He mutters something about his head being all foggy, he doesn't know why. Aw, sweetheart. Welcome to adulthood. They're called hangovers. They will be your constant companion for probably another decade. More if you go into some eviscerating profession like the law or, uh, business. Matt apologizes, and Julie screws up her little face and slams her locker, "Well I'm sorry, too!" I think I probably did the same exact thing at some point in high school, and I am SURE that it was as rehearsed as Aimee Teagarden's performance is in this scene. Don't get me wrong, I think her awkwardness plays perfectly to character, but I'm not totally sure it's on purpose.

Julie takes sharp breaths and says she's sorry that she trusted him, yelling that she doesn't appreciate getting lied to. She tells him to go off with his rally girls and football friends and leave her alone. She walks off toward the camera and the poor girl is fighting back sobs while Matt hangdoggedly watches her walk away.

Cut to Smash running into Coach's office. He apologizes that he was across campus when Coach called him. Coach is in there with his assistants, and he just curtly tells Smash that he's starting that night at tailback. Smash looks at him, shocked, until Coach asks "What the hell, you want a hug or something? Get outta here!" Smash wheels out of the room and pauses outside for a moment before bringing his hands together in joy and thankfulness.

Game time! Smash leads the team in a prayer. A pretty long prayer, actually, while Chris Brokaw's "I Remember" plays in the background, building nicely and straining even my powers of connection when it comes to the little game of Where's Texas? the music supervisor likes to play with this show. (In this case, Brokaw used to be in Codeine [New York] which kind of birthed one of my favorite bands, Bedhead [Texas], which evolved into The New Year, which Brokaw was the drummer for, oh, wait, were you here for the football not the indie rock?)

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