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Uninspiring credits. Drive-by camera, town at night, lots of cars with Panther well-wishes soaped on their windows. Voice-over brings us to Applebee's for a "special edition of Panther football radio." The crowd noshes and cheers (though perhaps the term "noshing" is too ethnic to describe dinner at Applebee's in small-town Texas). The radio personality announces that Dillon has pulled the McNulty (holla, David Simon?) Mavericks and everyone boos. Pan around the restaurant -- following Tyra's delivery of various disgusting items ("Quesadilla burger"?) -- to various tables and overhear that all anyone-- Buddy Garrity, the boosters, the Mouth Breathing jocks -- is talking about is whether Smash will play on Friday.

Cut to Matt and Julie, first seen from outside the window of the restaurant. I don't know if I'll ever get tired of all the visual editorializing in this show; shooting through the window at first is as effective an underline as the writing and performance of this small intimate moment. Matt asks Julie about her meeting with Mr. Connelly, and she excitedly says it went well, saying what she wants is to get a column where she can write reviews of movies, books, et cetera. Aw! But while Matt is, for once, paying attention to what Julie wants and likes and needs, some commotion starts brewing in the background until the radio announcer calls Matt up to the booth. So much for that, honey. The whole restaurant cheers and claps for him. He tells Julie that he doesn't need to go up there, but she tells him to go on. As he walks up there, Julie catches the eyes of a couple of sluts eyeing him like he's a sex-filled eclair.

Later, Julie lounges outside the restaurant waiting for Matt. He rushes out apologizing for what happened. Julie's voice goes higher -- she's her mother's daughter -- as she unconvincingly squeaks that "it's cool, you're the big star now." He apologizes some more, but just as they are about to make up, their dialogue gets drowned out by a car squealing up to them and Tim Riggins screaming at Matt that "tonight is your night, my friend! You're coming with us!" He hops out of the car and drags Matt, despite his stuttered and mumbled protestations, into it. Julie is in the background, saying, ", no, no." Tim tells her it's "a football thing" and as they pull off, she asks to no one in particular, "how am I going to get home?"

As Julie mutters under her breath, "Football," the camera reveals Tyra a little ways down the sidewalk from her. Tyra tells the young 'un that Matt won't be back and then offers her a ride. Julie looks like it's Ted Bundy offering the ride [" kind of is. I love Tyra, but I was totally afraid for Julie's well-being at this point." -- Joe R] and says that she'll just call her mom. Tyra walks toward her truck, and we cut to a shot of Julie looking tiny underneath a big, lonely Applebee's sign. As Tyra gets to the truck, Julie calls out "Wait!" and makes sure Tyra doesn't mind. Tyra says it's no problem, she just has to pick up her sister first. Where? "Work." Pause. "Strip club."

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