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Stakes Is High

Next morning. Establishing shots. It's early. Smash is in the locker room folding towels. Coach walks in with coffee, stops by the doorway, and calls in, "Two ways to fold a towel, my way and the wrong way." I file that one under "OCD directives I can torture my future children with." Smash "yes sirs." Taylor then brings a packet of papers in to Smash and tells him it's Friday's game plan. He wants ten copies, tells him that the binders are by the copier. Smash looks left and right, like maybe there's some gum-snapping lady secretary in there he didn't notice before, and then asks "Right now?" Taylor lunges at the kid with his words, "Gee, yes, Smash." He yells at him for being there, he yells at him about the drug tests he's required to take now, he yells at him because HE made a decision that has left both their asses flapping in the breeze. He yells, yells, yells, sort of like he's trying to drown out the voice of reason emanating from inside his baseball cap.

Tim Riggins is in traffic court, asking if he can just pay the fine and get on with life. The judge says he's been dragged in not for the ticket but for failing to appear in court the first time. He says he'll let Tim keep his license only with the consent of his parents. Tim turns around to the chairs behind him to see Billy macking on some random lady and asks the judge if his brother could sign. The judge asks if Billy's his legal guardian, and Tim has to yell Billy's name to get him to look away from his traffic court hook-up. Billy stands and says that he is not Tim's legal guardian, and the judge insists that he needs a parent's or legal guardian's signature. Tim says he'll just get his dad to sign it, and Billy winces in disbelief.

Tyra and Julie are at the Pharmacy, Gift, and Grill. (Truthfully, they're probably at Kohl's, but you can't really tell, and the shop does have that mid-century Woolworth's feel, so I'm going with the PG&G). Julie tells Tyra that last night was the first night she'd ever set foot in a strip club. Tyra snarks, "You don't say?" Julie wonders if Ole Sis ever gets freaked out by all the creepy guys in there. Tyra says she can take care of herself, and then gets a mischievous look on her face as she leans in: "Guess who her biggest customer is?" Pause. "Buddy Garrity!" They erupt in laughter and Julie's truly disgusted "GROSS!" is perfectly delivered. The camera catches Julie looking kind of longingly at Tyra; longing for her experience, her attitude, her toughness. Tyra looks down at Julie and tells her the lipstick color she's tried on looks good on her. Julie says she doesn't have the money to buy it, so Tyra looks to her left, then to her right, and nonchalantly slips the tube into her purse and heads out the door. Julie looks stunned, hops off the chair by the make-up counter and scurries after Tyra. Once outside we overhear Julie urgent whispering "What are you doing?!"

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Friday Night Lights




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