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Stakes Is High

Football field. Smash is getting beat up on the field. Buddy approaches Coach and mutters that maybe Coach is doing a little more than teaching Smash a lesson, and that Coach needs to watch out or Smash will be playing hurt on Friday. Coach, tightly, "Who says he's playing Friday?" Buddy changes the subject, talking about how fun tomorrow night will be. Coach snaps that he's trying to win a playoff game and doesn't have time to talk about a damn TV show. Buddy exposits that it's tradition, and all Coach has to do is smile and talk about football for half an hour. Oh, and also, that Coach will "get a nice little appearance fee" for doing so. Maybe Julie won't need to shoplift lipstick if Daddy brings home a little more cash.

School library. Matt is in mid-apology to Julie, saying he knows she really wanted to go to the concert. She reminds him that he invited her, and then says that it isn't any big deal, especially since she "pretty much sold my soul to my mother for permission." Matt explains that her Dad asked him and "I've never been on TV before!" Julie wants to know if, excluding her father's influence (I love what a spitfire she is trying to make Matt ignore her father's directives), if, excluding the Coach's request, Matt is excited. He says he is, and she says that he should go, then. With one qualification: "You have to remember that I am the coolest, most understanding girl in the world." Matt asks if she's mad, and she says she isn't, so he asks her for one more favor: if she can look after his grandmother for the night. Close up of Aimee Teagarden doing a fantastic deadpan. She says okay, and Matt says, "See, you are the coolest, most understanding girlfriend in the world." Julie, happily: "Girlfriend?!" Drunken Bee: "Insulin. Need insulin."

Bowling alley. Daddyshack makes a big to-do about knocking some pins over. Tim is only mildly impressed. Daddyshack calls over a waitress, "Anna Banana," and then introduces her to Tim before running off for a second. She shakes Tim's hand and looks at him wonderingly. She tells Tim that his father talks about him all the time. He apparently gives the whole rundown of each week's football game. Tim's little shriveled and abused heart attempts to pick itself up off the dirty orphan floor in order to do some pitter-pattering. Daddyshack comes back and unveils a new bowling ball, and he and Anna Banana tease back and forth about his new ball. Tim asks his dad whether it wouldn't be a good idea for him to stay at his place that night. Daddyshack hesitates, but then says that sounds great. Tim seriously then turns around and throws straight down the lane for a strike! Ten points for the boy about to get his heart broken again!

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