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Stakes Is High

TV show! We open just behind the cameraman aiming his lens at Coach and Matt, who appear to be nattering back and forth with one another over how to use the remote control for the television on the set with them. Matt tries to offer his help, but Coach snaps a real testy "Stop!" at him. Meanwhile, Buddy has sidled up to the producer or director and says that he'll need to renegotiate Eric's appearance fee, probably because while he has fulfilled the "appearing" portion of the contract, he seems to be in violation of the "appear and say at least one sentence related to football" portion. The set is hilarious, a big rectangular sign made of yellow cardboard and printed with the title "The Eric Taylor Show" hangs from wires, below which sits the television which Coach and Matt flank uncomfortably. Coach calls out to the producer that there's something wrong "with the clicker." He comes out and suggests that they not do the game film right now, but rather start the interview.

Producer tells Coach to relax and just have a conversation. Eric is wound tighter than the skin behind Joan Rivers's ears and he snaps at the poor guy, "That's great. What would you like us to have a conversation about?" Um, how about, football? The producer turns his attention to Matt and tells the poor kid to ask Coach Taylor some questions, then backs away and give him the "Aaaand, action" go ahead. So Matt turns to Coach and says, "I guess the question everyone is wondering about is whether Smash is gonna play." Kyle Chandler burns fire with his eyes -- I just love this reaction shot -- before asking the poor boy, "What the hell kind of question is that? Don't be goofy, ask a normal question." Meanwhile, we've cut away to the producer who flinches in joy at Matt's gaffe, and Buddy, who has turned away from the set to guffaw privately. I like these little goofy set pieces even if they are a little Super Bowl commercial-y. Men! Watch them act endearing and goofy!

Cut to Grandma, rocking in her rocking chair. Julie is in the kitchen making her a sandwich. There's a knock at the door, and Julie nervously tells Grandma that she's invited a friend over. Grandma looks a bit nervous but says she guesses that'll be okay. Cut immediately to full-on Girl's Night! Tyra is painting Grandma's toenails with black nail polish, we hear Grandma say "All right, that's the end of it," and then get a shot of a bottle of white wine getting drained into Grandma's glass. So sweet! I could give a shit about drug interference; when I'm senile this is what I want going on every night of the week. Grandma sounds kind of drunk: "It's all the other. It's all the other we got." There's girl-y music and Julie is wandering around in the background with some very strange magazine called Texas Chic complaining about all the reasons she never wanted to date a football player.

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