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Tyra tells Julie that Matt is not a football player and then quickly says, "No offense, Lorraine." Love it. For the record, Grandma is sans glasses and looking pretty spry. Tyra starts giving Julie some lessons in relationship poker, telling her to see Matt's thick-necked galoot and raise him a slightly slutty. "You go to let him know you have options." Grandma nods in totally cute agreement. Julie is like Topher Grace learning how to play poker in Ocean's Eleven ("Aallll reds...") when she tells Tyra that she does have options: she's joining the school paper. Tyra rolls her eyes and says, "No, like the basketball team options." Julie protests that she doesn't even know anyone on the basketball team. And the women of the United States call out in unison, "Stay away from Chad Michael Murray or you'll be engaged within a year!" Tyra reminds Julie that the rally girls are fawning all over Matt until at least spring, "You need to elevate your game." Grandma looks like "Huh, good point" while Julie just looks worried.

Buddy nips at Coach's heels, asking him to intervene in the Jason/Lyla situation. Buddy says, "The bottom line is, Jason is a quadrapelegic now -- I know it's not PC to say that -- but I have to think about my daughter." It is a fun game to continue changing what is and what isn't correct usage just in order to confuse folks like Buddy about what they can and can't say. I mean, they'll say whatever they want, but at least they'll feel guilty occasionally (though probably always at the wrong time). Coach rubs his face and then tells Buddy to let Jason and Lyla work it out, appending the very good advice that if Buddy pressures them it'll bite him in the ass. Buddy begs him to talk to Jason, though, and Coach agrees, walking off and muttering that he wishes someone would talk to the Streets so he wouldn't be getting sued any longer. Buddy, unconvincingly, "Yeah...wish I could talk to them for you." Just as Coach is walking out the door Buddy calls to him, "Hey. Great job out there tonight," just barely suppressing those guffaws. Coach looks him dead in the eye and says thanks, but I believe if you look closely, you can see Kyle Chandler's hair flipping him the bird.

The Williams house. Corrine wants to know where Smash has been all night as it's almost time for Leno. He's been running for hours. His mom is clearly worried, and she tells him he needs to slow down. Smash is losing it, near tears, as he tells her that he can't slow down, even though he's exhausted. She tells him he needs to give his body time to get off the juice, but Smash blows up saying that "over there" "it's like blood in the water." Everyone is circling him trying to take a bite. He runs up to his room with his mom ineffectually calling after him.

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