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Calm Before the Storm

Cut over to a group of men, watching the game on a portable TV, Buddy right up in front. His wife comes and gets him, scolding him for who knows what. Buddy gets up and goes with her, to who knows where.

Cut to Tyra and her mom, wandering amongst their kinfolk, the carnies. Tyra asks her mom if she ever thought of moving out of Dillon. Her mom told her that she did, once, to live in Dallas when she was eighteen. Tyra wonders what happened, and her mom starts to explain that she fell in love with Tyra's father, who wouldn't leave Dillon, so... Their mother-daughter time is cut short, though, by some dude dropped in from A&E's Intervention, as Bob appears behind them, looking like he just got back from Shreveport or something. He asks to talk with Tyra's mom; she looks pleadingly at her daughter, who gives her the "don't go" eyes, but her mom goes to talk with him, and Tyra walks off, trying to hold back tears.

Hello, lover! It's Tim Riggins, drifting lazily across the screen, all eyeliners and sheepskin-lined coat. Again, I say: hello, lover! The soundtrack says it, too, so I know I'm not alone. He moves toward Tyra. We cut to Jason wheeling out of his van, Lyla asking him if he's ready for this, Jason saying he is.

Cut to Tyra sitting out back of something. Her mom approaches her and sits down. "Tyra, people have fights." Tyra's not a dumbass, and so she corrects her mother, "People have fights every day. They don't let men beat the hell out of them." Tyra tells her mom how much she loves her, that she is an amazing woman, and a good mother, "But, god, you are such a loser when it comes to men." Tyra's mom looks down. Tyra gives her mom an ultimatum, telling her that if Bob comes back she's moving out. Tyra's mom asks her to not be silly, but Tyra cuts her off: "It's him or me. You choose."

A crowd has formed around an arm wrestling contest. Smash watches and mutters about strategy as Waverly asks him about "that concert at UT." Smash tries to cover, "Oh, the one I went to with Matt and Julie?" But Waverly is not as dumb as she doesn't look, and she tests him, asking him who he saw. Smash stutters, "This band....uh..." Waverly gives him lots of options. Was it a band? A man? A woman? A symphony orchestra? Smash looks slackjawed until Waverly finally confronts him: "You got them to lie to me?" Smash tells her it's her own fault and then busts out on her ("I'm Smash!") before busting out into the arm wrestling contest. Where's the 'roid rage?

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Friday Night Lights




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