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Calm Before the Storm

Tyra lugs a huge neon pink bear out to a trash can. Tim comes around the corner to check on her. Hello, lover! He asks if she's okay, and she says she isn't really. She explains that it's about Bob. Isn't it always about Bob? Tim says he's sorry and looks intently at her, his eyes fringed with those luscious eyelashes. What? Is this overkill? Tyra says that she hates this trait in the women in her family, that they let men treat them like crap. Tim sighs and says that's what he's there to talk to her about. Tyra has a sort of inscrutable look on her face, she looks expectant but also pretty hardened to whatever Loverboy's going to say. Tim says, "I am truly sorry for everything that's happened. For everything I've put you through. For that thing with Lyla. I was a complete jerk and I am sorry." Wow. Tyra's like, well, shit, it's pretty hard to be a tough chick in the face of that kind of apology. But she persists. Tim asks her if she'd consider giving him a second chance, and his asking lets her off the hook a bit. She tells him that there have been so many times that she wanted to hear that from him, but she can't says yes now, because that would make her a hypocrite about her mom and Bob. Thanks a lot, Bob. As she leaves, she tells Tim, "I guess time is everything." Can't control it, but it is everything.

Back at the arm wrestling table, Smash goes over the top to the cheers of the crowd, but when he notices Waverly has walked away, he looks upset. Did he really think that she'd stick around to watch him arm wrestle? Those steroids are doing a number on his central cortex.

Coach stands alone and notices Jason wheeling by. Slight slow motion as the two men look intently at one another. Jason's face is open and looking for a gesture that will invite him over to talk, but Coach's face is tight and set, playing defense against the kid. Jason finally turns and wheels off with Lyla at his side. No! I can't take a rift between these two!

The rodeo announcer interrupts himself when he sees a play brewing during the Arnett/Buckley game playing on the TV set next to him. He puts his microphone to the television, and so the whole rodeo hears the announcers excitedly calling a miracle touchdown by Buckley. The camera cuts between Buddy, Smash, Coach, Jason, all of them slowly realizing what this means. Touchdown! Touchdown! Everybody's kissing and hugging and jumping up and down. Matt tackles Julie in a huge bear hug and they fall to the ground. Then I die. Jason continues wheeling away from the rodeo, Coach's sad face slowly turns pleased as Tami walks up to him and gives him a big kiss.

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