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Calm Before the Storm

We open on Buddy Garrity in church, stained glass illuminated behind him. He is fully singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." Buddy? It's an auto dealership, not cotton fields you work in. Cram it with the spirituals. "Comin' for to carry me home..." He then begins praying, thanking the lord for letting Buckley win. "I know you truly are an all-powerful God to let such a crap team win." This just such an evil genius. He continues, getting slightly caught up in the "why pray if God already knows everything" conundrum that keeps many an eight-year-old up at night: "I have to ask for one more thing. And I know you know what it is before I even ask for it. The playoffs. State. If it's your will to let us win state, dear God."

Meanwhile, we've cut over to Coach locking up some equipment at the football field. He turns to see Jason on the field and so walks over. Jason is the bigger man, and opens the dialogue: "I just want you to know, whatever happens with this whole lawsuit thing, I just want you to know, it was out of my hands. That I was against it. And that you'll always be my coach." Coach's hair is like, "Man." Jason reaches out his hand and Coach takes it, silently.

At the car dealership, Matt walks out onto the lot to talk to his dad. He tells his father that he knows he hates working there. Henry says he'll get used to it. Matt says that he doesn't think he needs to, that he thinks he can keep taking care of Grandma so Henry can go back to Iraq. Matt says that Grandma has been doing well lately. Perhaps an effect of having more stability at home with two people around to help? Matt tells his father that it means a lot that he wanted to be home. Henry puts up a weak defense, saying that he's not sure he can agree to Matt's plan. Why? Because it's totally the wrong thing for your son? Is that why? Matt keeps at him, though, and Henry seems to give up. Henry says he isn't much of a car salesman, and Matt reminds him that he's a really good soldier. Okay, so is this how the military works? You can just leave whenever (leaving so finally that you need to find another job while you're home?) and then go back whenever? Somehow, I think we are suspending our disbelief here.

Tyra is in her room packing up some things. Her mom asks her daughter what she's doing and Tyra snaps, "I told you, it was him or me. I wasn't kidding." Her mom surprises us all when she clarifies, "Tyra, you really think I would choose a man over my daughter?" Tyra stops her packing and looks at her mom with tears in her eyes. The two hug, her mom smiling and looking less Valiumed than she has yet.

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