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Calm Before the Storm

Waverly is foolin' with that damn trumpet again. She is dressed in a tunic-over-turtleneck combination that's a little too of-the-moment for Dillon, I'd say. Smash comes up and apologizes for lying. Waverly is pretty reticent. Smash continues: "Yeah, I like myself. And I love football. I love it. I love the game. I love the crowds. I love the attention. I love being the star. I can't help it. It's a beautiful thing. It's how God made me." Waverly seems to be melting a tiny bit. Smash continues, Iron and Wine starts drumming in the background, he tells her that he really likes her but that she needs to like him for who he is, "I can't be nobody but The Smash." Pause. "Yes, I like talking about myself in the third person. Something tells me deep down inside you like it, too." Waverly tells him she'll see him around. Smash seems to realize that this isn't a final goodbye, so he turns and leaves. After he's gone, Waverly goes to watch him cross the parking lot, a sweet smile on her face, as Panther Football Radio choruses: "Sometimes the problem is that what's gonna happen just isn't up to you. But then, fate takes a turn around the backyard, and suddenly it is all up to you. Brace yourself, Dillon. We're going into a hell of a game." And the only question I have is: if the world can make shows this good, why does According to Jim exist?

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