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Calm Before the Storm

Coach and Tami drive home, Coach furrowing and muttering about the game. Tami tells him to think about something else, maybe...."little children? India?...." Coach tells his wife there is nothing else in the world to think about. I guess if I had hair like him I wouldn't think about poor kids in India, either. They pull up to the house and get out of the car, only to be approached by a friendly man telling them "Coach Taylor? You've been served." The Taylors are dumbstruck, and ask by who. Friendly Fellow is friendly when he tells them Coach is being served by the Streets, and then asking, "Hey, Coach, you think Buckley's got a chance?" Coach just looks up, slackjawed, in response.

Uninspiring Credits. The Taylors are in bed, Tami wondering out loud how the Streets could do this. Coach tells her that they can't "take it personal," that they were probably advised by lawyers. He mutters about being covered by the school, that it isn't personal, that "it's what people do." The phrase "it's what people do" is just one more in a line of homespun aphorisms this show spins, somehow summing up the issue nicely and neatly.

Bar band guitars as Jason wheels out of his house on a sunny day and wheels down the street with a slight smile on his face. Cut to him pulling up in front of a convenience store. He wishes "Clint" a hearty good morning and tries to pull the store owner into some small talk about the game on Friday. Clint tells him he doesn't have time, that he's got a lot of work in the back that needs doing and promptly leaves Jason at the counter. Jason's reaction shows us that this cold treatment is unusual (as do the sharp notes the guitar in the background is hitting), and that he doesn't understand it. That is, until we follow his gaze as it rests on the local newspaper, which beckons readers to turn to the sports page to read about how "Local QB Family Sues Coach." Just then, Explosions in the Sky (pre-Friday Night Lights Era-seeming) explodes in the background and we cut to Jason racing back down the road, sweating and angsty. Gritty Wheelchair Guy! Love him.

At the Saracen household, Henry's on the phone with a pile of bills in front of him, while Matt asks him if Grandma's medical bills will be covered under "the F-1 provision." Henry doesn't think so, but says that he can't make heads or tails of any of it. Matt awkwardly asks his father how the job hunt is coming, and Henry has time to tell him that Dillon isn't a boom town before the person on the other line returns to the phone.

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