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Calm Before the Storm

Cut over to Lifetime Television for Women, where some nasty, greasy man in a Hanes t-shirt twangs about how Jason Street should not be suing the Panthers. A tired, blonde woman washes dishes at the sink. Tyra walks in and snarks, "Why not, Bob? 'Cause they treated him so nice?" Cut to Bob looking Tyra up and down. Not good. Bob gestures his coffee mug toward the tired blonde, saying "Honey? Honey?" Tyra's mom rushes toward him to refill his cup. Bob nasties, "You see these jeans your daughter is wearing?" Mind you, the jeans are not all that low-rise or even all that tight. Tyra rolls her eyes and gives her mom a hug. Adrianne Palicki is one hot mama Amazon, though. Bob sees his own Nasty and raises himself a Predator by remarking, "You ladies have a genetically superior ass. Runs in the family." Tyra shoots him a withering look as she heads out the door to school.

At the Streets', Jason screams at his parents, telling them about what happened at the convenience store. "I told you this was gonna happen. On top of bein' a cripple kid, now everyone's just gonna hate me." His father hands his mother a copy of the paper before fleeing out the front door. GOD. Way to be there for your family-in-crisis. I hate Mr. Street. Jason's mom sits down with him and tries to explain. She tells him that she would do anything for him but explains, "We need money. I've come to terms with the fact that there are people in this town who aren't going to understand that." She apologizes to her son and tries to rationalize, "I mean. Coach should have put you through tackling drills, right? He should have done that." Jason softens and reaches out to his emotional mother. I do love Gritty Wheelchair Jason, but the grittier and more complex Jason Street gets, the more obvious it is that Scott Porter is in his twenties.

At practice, Coach gathers the boys around to announce "The Annual Woman's Booster League Rodeo Fundraiser and Fair." The boys groan, and Coach quickly shouts "Shut up! Shut up!" He tells them that he knows they'd rather all sweat out game night on their own, but that they are "all gonna show our asses up with smiles on our faces."

Cut to Matt walking into Buddy Garrity's car dealership. Buddy welcomes him and Matt stutters that if he's busy...Buddy tells him "Nonsense, son. Those are just people, you're mah quarterback" before giving him the chompers grin. He brings Matt into his office, full of intimidating stuffed deer heads where Matt inarticulately tells Buddy that his dad is staying in Dillon so that Matt doesn't have to move to Oklahoma. Matt continues to talk, slowly and painfully, half-mumbling about how his dad needs to find work in Dillon. Buddy doesn't seem to quite catch on to what Matt is saying -- or, if Buddy is the evil mastermind we think he might be, he knows, but just wants to make Matt say it so as better to lord his power over the poor kid -- so Matt stumbles and stutters, until he finally spits it out "If maybe you...if you know of anything...or...maybe...have any suggestions or anything?" Buddy puts him out of his misery, telling Matt that he could probably use a salesman, and to send his daddy over to him, "and I'll take care of him." Zach Gilford continues to make babies spontaneously appear in millions of women's homes by doing his wide-eyed, surprised doe look: "Are you? Are you? Thank you so much Mr. Garrity!" As he leaves, Buddy calls after him, "Hey, you like to hunt?" Oh no. Don't bring our baby deer out in the fields, please!

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