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Calm Before the Storm

Inside a mid-century-looking pharmacy. My heart aches for places like this in the South. When I lived in, Monroe, Louisiana, we had Aron's Pharmacy, Gift, and Grill, the best place in the world; the place where you can go pick up your prescription, a Hummel figurine, and then have an eighty-year-old lady cook you up a delicious hamburger on the flattop in the back of the pharmacy. Mr. Street is hanging up a phone call when Coach comes in. Coach asks to talk to him, and the first thing Mitch says is "I'm so sorry." Coach wants to know who is behind this. Mitch tells Coach that he just didn't know what else to do. Coach lets him know that when he got served, he knew that the papers weren't personal, that they weren't coming from Mitch and Joanna. Mitch tries to explain about the expenses they have. Coach whispers, starting to get agitated, instructing Mitch by insinuating that Mitch must know a law suit is not a good idea. Coach continues, asking Mitch what he hopes to prove, saying they were all there and they all know it was a horrible accident. Mitch tries to interject, saying he can't talk to Coach about this, but Coach presses on, until Mitch emphatically says, "I cannot talk to you about this." So much in that "you."

Mitch lashes out a bit, telling Coach to stop feeling so sorry for himself, telling him that he should try "losing your child's legs, losing your child's future, and losing every penny you have ever saved." Nice parallel structure, Mitch, but I'm not sure when paralyzed legs began equalling McDonald's employee for life. I mean, why is everyone so worked up about Jason's future? He's going to go to college, get a job, have a good life. Anyhow, Mitch continues, explaining the real issue of this lawsuit, and that is that American health care costs are fucked. Which you don't have to tell me about, since I went to the hospital for a fever last summer, stayed for two nights, got no diagnosis, and a bill for $30,000. Mitch talks about the ramps, doorways, "the unending equipment and physical therapy." He tells Coach that it's killing him to undertake this lawsuit. "But, since I'm already dead, doesn't really matter anyway, now does it?" Cool it, Sarah Bernhardt. Jesus. "Already dead." A kid in a wheelchair ain't no Darfur. Mitch orders Coach out of the pharmacy.

Henry and Matt show up at the car dealership. Matt introduces his father to Buddy. Henry is wearing a suit and fiddling nervously with his tie. Recapper Heart Check: Okay, okay. They did it. My heart is warmed. For now (spoiler!). Buddy leads Henry off to show him the cars, and Matt stays behind, his face split wide open in a grin, looking to his right and left grinning at no one in particular.

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