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Calm Before the Storm

At school, Smash catches up with Waverly, asking her how her tuba is. She replies, "Bright and shiny. And it's a trumpet. How's the endless speculation about who's gonna win that game?" Nice. Smash tries to remind her that his life hangs in the balance of that game and then asks her why she walked out on him the other day. She reminds him that he wasn't talking to her. He stops her and turns her toward him, telling her that there are a few rules she needs to know. She's incredulous. "Number one? Don't nobody walk out on Smash." Waverly retorts, "Oh, the return of the third person. Listen, as fascinating as it is to sit there and listen to everyone talk about how great you are, The Waverly has better things to do." Oh, snap! And, oooooh, yo momma! Smash whines a bit and says he thought she liked him. She says she does but doesn't think they have anything in common. Smash tells her he'll have whatever she wants to have in common in common with her. She's game for this game, and so asks if there is anything about him not football-related. Smash is like "Hell, yeah!" and then furrows a bit while he pauses to think of something. Smash finally basically just looks around until he sees Matt and Julie in the distance: "Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor. We chill all the time." He goes on, weaving quite the web of lies, and we the viewers have nothing to do but contemplate all the fun we'll have later in the episode watching Jack Tripper, er, Smash try to convince Waverly that what he said was true. Smash drawls that they talk about "immigration, I-raq, books, music, stam cell research, global warming, you name it." Watch your back, Jim Lehrer. Smash asks Waverly to come with them to the rodeo. She's charmed and tells him they'll "give The Waverlash one last try." Smash, in his turn, is charmed, "The Waverlash? That Smashmouth is contagious, girl!"

Saracen household. Matt is somewhat frantic in the kitchen, the microwave beeping, the teakettle boiling, his grandmother nagging at him about the tea, and Julie standing at the storm door, banging on it with her fist, her mouth pulled in a tight little frown. Matt sees her and realizes something: "Oh, shoot." He opens the door and as he apologizes, Julie accuses, "I've been sitting in the library for an hour." Matt continues apologizing and then by way of explanation starts ticking off the Sisyphean tasks he got caught up in when he stopped at home: convincing his grandmother there's no mouse in the house, cleaning up, making dinner for his dad, et cetera. As he lists these things, Grandma is in the background pacing, the tea kettle is whistling, and you just want to scream from the overwhelmingness of it all. Julie quickly lets go of her anger, puts her bag down and says "Okay. How 'bout you make dinner and I'll make your grandma some tea." That's some good hometraining this girl has. Matt pauses and then asks, "Would now be a good time to tell you I told Smash we'd double date with him and Waverly and pretend like we do that a lot and we talk about all sorts of neat stuff besides football?" Julie raises her eyebrows. These little proto-adults, trying to figure out how to be humans. I love it.

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