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Calm Before the Storm

Tyra walks into her mom's bedroom to find her curled up in bed. What a loser. Tyra asks her mom if she's going to get up, and her mom cries that she doesn't think Bob is coming back. Tyra responds, somewhat bafflingly, "C'mon mom, he's just a stupid guy. It's not like Jesus Christ just left you." And, oh, the possibilities that open up in my mind about the various sitcoms, dramas, and dramedies that could be built around Jesus the Wife Beater. Tyra's mom sniffles about not wanting to be alone. Tyra reminds her mother that she isn't alone, that she has her. Her mom doesn't respond, Tyra notices the bottles of pills next to her mom, and walks out of the room.

At Buddy Garrity's, Buddy watches Henry seemingly closing a deal. But then the old folks Henry was talking to shake his hand and walk off. Buddy goes out and asks Henry where they were going. Henry replies that it wasn't a good time for them financially. Which is why they found themselves on a car lot in the first place? After finishing their meal of gruel they decided to take a ride over to the car dealership to see what cars they can't afford. Buddy tells Henry that "it's never a bad time with 5.9% financing." I haven't ever bought a car that cost more than $5,000, so I guess I don't know from financing. Buddy tells Henry to come with him and we cut inside to Buddy's office where he is fully suggesting that Henry wear a flag pin on his lapel "to remind people that you served this country for twenty years." Henry is not too keen on using his military past to sell cars. Buddy tells him that salesmen sell things, "you are what you are." Nice echo of Coach's opening "it's what people do." Buddy smarms that the men in the military are what make this country great, selling Henry a pile of shit for the cost of his dignity, without even blinking. Henry reaches out, takes the pin and puts it on his lapel. Buddy: "Yes, sir. Looks good." Henry: stares blankly.

Jason claws a pen in his hand, trying to write something. Lyla finishes making him a sandwich and brings it in his room. She pauses as she passes the couch, on which a set of blankets and pillows sit. She asks Jason if they have house guests, and he clarifies: "Nah, that's my dad. He and my mom are just fighting a lot now." Lyla asks Jason if he thinks the lawsuit is the best idea. Jason asks her if she's "been talkin' to Buddy." She says no, that she is just asking him "as someone who loves you and is on your side." She's a little too perfect, sometimes. Jason says that he can't think of another solution, that everything costs so much. Lyla suggests that the town would look after him, but Jason realizes that they don't live in Green Acres and tells her that charity wouldn't last long. He tells Lyla that the situation kills him but that maybe the lawyers are right, that maybe if someone had taught him how to tackle somebody he wouldn't be in a wheelchair. Which is all, obviously, bullshit from a legal standpoint, but believable from a last-gasp-make-this-random-accident-less-random human rationale standpoint. Lyla tells him that she's with him, if he thinks it's for the best. Jason smiles and asks her "What is it with you? That you want to screw your life up so bad?" Lyla tells him that love makes people kinda crazy, and I dry heave a tiny bit. But then I quit because I see how perfectly they've handled the natural lighting in this scene.

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