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Calm Before the Storm

The rodeo! A bunch of establishing shots, which show both rodeo activities (bucking broncos) and carnie crap (death trap rides, cotton candy), and as a Texan I consulted declared, it's all highly unrealistic that the two would be in the same place. Rodeo and Whack-a-Mole go together like oysters and milk on Shabbat. But the people are having fun blaspheming, it seems.

The Taylors sit in their car as Coach furrows and worries. He says he's getting a lot of gray hair this week. To which I say: bring it on. Gray hair emotes just as well as black. To wit: Sir Ian McKellan. Tami reminds her husband how good he is at what he does, and he quickly retorts that the problem is that it isn't up to him. Tami is speechless (for once) until her husband snaps that he's sorry that they have to go to the rodeo. Tami says, "I know, I know" and then mashes a cowboy hat on her head as they get out of the car.

Waverly walks with Julie as Julie natters on about "an art house movie theater...about forty miles from here." Julie tells Waverly that she just saw Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast. She's got one up on me. I was probably IMing with Joe R about how awesome Svetlana is on the RW/RR Challenge that night. ["Okay, but she totally is! Did you see her beat Kina??" -- Joe R] Waverly sighs with ecstasy over the prospect of seeing Cocteau. If I were a different sort of recapper, I might suggest that Smash seems more than willing to take her to see Cocteau. Julie mentions that even Matt liked the movie, and Waverly asks her to pause: "Matt goes to foreign art movies with you?" Julie realizes what she's done, so she backtracks a bit and says that Smash does, too, that he thought the movie was really interesting!

Cut to Smash and Matt watching the girls watch. Smash asks Matt what Julie's getting him into. Uh, Cocteau, is what. Matt replies, "Italian cinema," which makes me wonder if Julie also dragged him to a midnight screening of Satyricon. Smash seems distracted and Matt asks why; Smash tells him that Denny blew a knee. Matt moans and groans about how they're finished now, but Smash is still muttering somewhat nonsensically, clearly not focusing on the football game. Matt asks him what he's talking about, and Smash tells him that he's never had this problem with a girl not paying attention to him. Matt suggests that it's Waverly's way of getting Smash to pay attention to her. Smash says he doesn't want to, that he wants her to pay attention to him. And there it is, my marriage in thirty seconds. Thanks, Peter Berg! Matt tells Smash that if he really likes Waverly, he needs to get used to a new way, and then cuts to the chase, "So, seriously, Denny blew out his knee?"

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