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Baby Blues
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Morning at the Taylors'. Tami's on the phone saying that they can have Gracie "there by seven." There's a last-minute opening at day care, "the good one, the one with the waiting list." Coach is suspicious about why they have an opening all of a sudden; Tami is busy thanking the woman on the phone for taking the baby on short notice. Julie is whining in the background, demanding to know where her homework is. Coach talks at his wife while she's on the phone (most annoying habit ever!), asking her to consider if the place has an opening because it's on such a busy street with a lot of traffic. Tami explains that they have a gate, with a security code, et cetera et cetera. Tami gets off the phone and tells Coach to calm down, and then tells him that she'll take Grace to daycare while he takes Julie to school because he's clearly too worked up about the daycare issue to bring Gracie in himself. Julie is continuing being both annoying and ignored until Coach tells her that her homework is under the newspapers. Totally, God, Dad. Tami heads out the door with the baby, exclaiming, "Say goodbye to Gracie Belle! She's going to daycare, woo hoo!"

Grandma Saracen is making Matt pancakes. He's moping around wondering where his wonderful characterization went. Grandma tosses about a quarter cup of baking soda into the mix, and Matt exclaims about it. She tells him she's been making pancakes for forty years, she knows how to do it. Matt mopes his way into Carlotta's room, where we find that the reason he's moping is that she's packing her things up. She tells him that she has to go to Guatemala. He is stunned, and wonders if she's going for vacation. She vaguely tells him that her "family needs" her. I think we can name this the "Guatemala Clause," part of the fine print in the show's narrative contract with its viewers: When someone needs to go back to Guatemala, no questions about said person's presence in the story need ever be answered. Grandma, batty and oblivious as ever, comes cheerfully in and invites Carlotta to come and have some pancakes. Matt mopes some more.

Tami arrives at the daycare center, which looks perfectly fine. She mutters to herself about the cute neighborhood and the nice playground, and then overhearing a child's cough, her muttering turns suspicious. A childcare worker comes out with a toddler in her arms and tells Tami she'll be right with her. Tami plasters a smile on her face as she tells Gracie what a big day she's about to have, that she'll eat, and play, and nap, "do all those things you love to do." But the smile doesn't cover her rising guilt, and Tami continues talking to the baby: "And I bet you're never going to wonder why we left you here with strangers." Her eyes start darting around, Gracie lets out a squeak, and Tami says, "I think you're absolutely right," and then hightails it back out that nice, secure gate she was telling Coach about. She puts Gracie in the car, telling her that maybe they'll try again tomorrow.

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