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Baby Blues

Tami and Eric sit out on the patio having a glass of wine. Tami is looking so cute, her legs curled up, wearing jeans and Converse. Eric looks at her, his hair sort of lifting its eyebrows, daring her to not notice how smooth and unbuttoned he is. He says they should talk, and Tami lets out a big sigh. She says that she forgot how hard new motherhood was, how it turns everything upside down. And how she thought she could do it all -- the job, raise Gracie, take care of Eric, Jules. And that she doesn't think she can do it, that she's going to have to give up the job. Eric pauses and tells her that she's not going to give up the job. He tells her that she is an awesome mom, an excellent counselor, and "a hell of a hot wife." I'll say! The whole internet says! He tells her that he was just on the internet, where he found out that separation anxiety is normal, and that some studies have shown that daycare is good for children. Seriously, the 1950s really screwed everyone up. It's not like, for the majority of human history, anyone had all that much time to spend taking care of kids. And we lived. We all lived. For God's sake, in the 1898 of There Will Be Blood there's a baby just set down in a wooden box right next to a yawning mine in the ground, while its father worked below. I'd say that baby would be right happy to get some time in daycare. Eric continues, telling Tami that if daycare screws Gracie up, then she'll just have to go to Tami for counseling when she's older. Hee. He tells her, "We stick together, it all works out," and they kiss. Charmed!

Smash and his sister are at the front of the concessions line. Noannie is wondering why they came all the way over to this theater. When Smash orders three drinks, she puts it together, just as Noelle comes walking up. Noelle and Smash kiss, and a couple off to the side stare and shake their heads in disapproval. The very same disapproval their elders warned them about! What a "coincidence."

Over at Buddy's, the party is bumping. Santiago turns the music down, someone urns it back up. Santiago rushes around cleaning up spills while Weevil looks meaningfully at the items on the mantel. A fight almost breaks out; Santiago breaks it up. Please notice that Santiago is wearing this plaid shirt buttoned all the way up his neck. It is so cutely nerdtastic, I love it.

Movie theater. Noelle and Smash snuggle up in one row; Noannie sits alone two rows behind. A couple of true thugs -- nasty privileged white boys -- start psssting at her. One whispers at her, "Hey, little mama. What you doing here all by yourself." She tells them that her brother is right over there, they make kissing noises at her, and Smash turns around to tell them to knock it off, then goes back to making out with Noelle. The boys turn really nasty, wondering whether black-on-white runs in the family. Noannie calls for her brother, who gets out of his seat to go tell them to shut up. The main guy says that he wasn't doing anything and that, anyway, Smash got "one of ours" so why can't they have one of his? Smash hauls off and punches the guy and then rushes the girls out of the theater while the asshole whines about not having done anything. Outside, Smash tells Noelle to go straight home. ["Andrew Johnston made this point elsewhere already, but: if the theater is in Dillon, wouldn't those guys know who Smash is? Even if they went a few towns over, he's like the biggest star on the defending state-championship team -- wouldn't they know better than to mess with him? And hasn't he gotten friendly with Caucasian-American girls before? I get that the racism subplot is catnip to TV writers, but come on." -- Sars]

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