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Santiago surveys the damage from the party. He starts cleaning up all the trash on the floor and then notices with dismay that the glass over one of Buddy's family pictures got smashed. He rushes to the mantel to find the gold watch gone. Cut to Santiago confronting Weevil out front of the latter's home. Santiago is a really, really sweet character; he's grown on me. He yells at Weevil not to play stupid -- he knows that he has the watch. He tells Weevil to not be an ass, and Weevil turns it back on him, accusing him of forgetting where he came from, letting a rich, fat bastard take care of him. Santiago says, with emotion, that it isn't his fault that he caught a break, that he's got a chance. Weevil turns to him, dead serious, and asks him if he thinks Buddy would give a damn about him if he wasn't playing football for his team. Santiago can't answer. Weevil says that Buddy doesn't care about him, that he just wants something from him. These are words that strike deep for Santiago, because they are slightly true. Weevil tells Santiago to get out of his 'hood and turns to go inside. Santiago pauses, but runs after him and gets into a pretty violent fight with him. We end on Santiago straddling Weevil, seemingly strangling him.

Also not doing so great is Noannie, who is in the car crying while Smash drives them home. Smash apologizes; she cries that he shouldn't have left her. Smash begs her to not tell their mother, which makes her cry even harder. She repeats that he shouldn't have left her. And in this entire story line, the only aspect that rings remotely true is how devastated and scared Noannie is by the encounter with those guys.

Lyla and Chris. God Radio. Lyla takes a call from someone who says that when she prays at school, trying not to bother anyone, people make fun of her for doing it. Cut over to Tim, driving, listening to the show. Lyla answers, telling the caller that people are going to make fun of other people for almost anything at school. She tells her to think of the gospel song "This Little Light of Mine," that the song doesn't just pertain to spreading the word, but to the light that is inside her. She tells her to let her light shine. Tim is totally touched, and mutters, "Damn it, Lyla. All right."

Devendra Barnhardt's "Now That I Know" plays in the background. Now there's one guy that I wish wouldn't let his light shine quite so much. Such an annoying hippie. So basically we're in music montage land, where not too much happens, but it all takes on some emotional import because of the heavy music in the background. First, Tim pulls into a convenience store and picks out some flowers, telling the cashier that they're for "a girl." Then Matt comes home and finds Carlotta gone. She left a note on the bed. Grandma comes in in her nightgown to say that Carlotta had to leave a day early. "It's too bad, she was a nice girl." Then back to Tim, driving up to the mega-church. Inside, Chris and Lyla finish up their night on the air. Tim trying to find his way in the confusing hallways of the church. Chris putting on his jacket and leaning in to hug Lyla. Lyla and Chris holding onto each other even after the hug should be over. Chris leaning in to kiss Lyla, Tim walking in and seeing them through the glass, tossing his flowers down, and walking back out, shot from a beautiful low angle, looking pretty heartbroken (and SO SO hot). Then cut over to Buddy's house, where he cleans up with a lot of sighing. Santiago comes lurching in the door; Buddy is shocked because he's all covered with bruises. Santiago tells him that he had to get the watch back. Buddy just says, "Aw, aw. Let's get you cleaned up," and leads the hurting boy toward the bathroom. At the Williamses' the next morning, Corinna asks how the movie was and Smash and Noannie are tightlipped, just saying it was good. Noannie gives Smash a number of pointed looks.

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