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Baby Blues

And finally, both Eric and Tami show up to daycare together, telling the woman that they think they're ready now. Tami hands the baby over and immediately starts tearing up. Eric gives her Gracie's bag. The lady starts walking inside with Gracie when Eric stops her: "Oh, and here's Mr. Noodles." All set for the day now, Gracie goes inside with the woman. Tami watches her go and then says, "She didn't even look at me. I think she's totally over me." Eric and Tami walk toward the gate -- Connie Britton has the greatest dejected posture, all long, swinging arms and low shoulders -- where Tami tells Eric he has to pull the latch up. He says he knows, and she sort of brats, "Well, I didn't." Which just perfectly captures the sad crankiness she must feel after having dropped her little baby off. They get in the car, Eric looks at Tami, and they nod at one another without words.

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Friday Night Lights




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