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Credits. Santiago wanders through the school parking lot when what appears to be an honest-to-god hooptie pulls up behind him. Santiago exclaims, "Davin Diablo [?], what up, homie?!" And it's Weevil! Francis Capra himself. The Italian Latino! Who IMDB tells me is twenty-five years old, which surprised me because, well, dude looks a little rough. Santiago and Weevil discuss how Weevil "got out" early, Weevil peppering his speech with plenty of Randy Jackson "dogs." Weevil tells Santiago to get in the car, but the boy tells him he can't. He informs Weevil that he's playing football now, and Weevil takes the information in with grinning condescension: "I'm prouda you, homie. A'right, you go to school, I'm-a be in the streets." He then peels out, Santiago watching.

Lyla is late to church for something. The Reverend ushers her into a sound booth, where she quickly is introduced to a guy around her age named Chris Kennedy, and then settles in as co-host (with him) of a radio show called "I Was a Teen-Aged Christian." Chris is played by Matt Czuchry, who was Logan on the later seasons of Gilmore Girls. Here he is, in all his Anglo-looking glory, just annoyingly shining with the Lord's blessings. If he sticks around, I think I will love to hate him. Lyla and Chris immediately go to the phones. The first call is for Lyla; it's a girl who says she and her boyfriend are both Christians but that they are also both horny all the time. She says her boyfriend tells her that "all the stuff we're doing isn't a sin, and I guess technically it's not..." and then trails off. Lyla is making eyes at Chris over catching this question her first time out, and hesitantly asks the girl what her question is. The girl puts it out there: "Is oral sex sex?" and Lyla's eyes go wide. Chris jumps in to say he'll field this question for Lyla on this, her first day, and that it is a little early in the morning to be defining intercourse, but that, "Biblically, oral sex is not intercourse," which is the kind of nonsense you get when you use a extremely outdated book as your reference source for contemporary matters. Then he charms the situation by turning the question back to the caller, saying that what he is hearing is that maybe she's uncomfortable with the "stuff" she's doing. Lyla looks about ready to throw her panties at the guy, so I guess, fellas, jot down "dole out Christian advice" ahead of "enroll in Women's Studies course" on your list of ways to get into some pants.

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Friday Night Lights




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