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At school, Coach rushes toward Tami's office, while she tries to intercept him. He busts in the door only to find Glen holding a crying Gracie. "Hi, Glen," Coach says. Oh, Glen. I miss you when you aren't there. Tami explains to her husband that she had a hard time leaving Gracie, so she brought her to work just this one day. Glen interrupts to say that he really wants to help but he has to get to class. Oh, Glen, with your sweaty brow and awful short-sleeved button-downs and weekend Magic: The Gathering tournaments. Coach just stands there and silently judges. Tami takes Gracie and hands her to Coach and tells him that if he could just stay there with her for ten minutes, just ten minutes, she's got a quick meeting to go to, "just...statistics." Like you ever get out of a meeting involving education professionals in under two hours. Glen tells Coach that Grace needs a diaper change, and he just tightly says thanks and nods his head in derision.

Smash declares, "I know I'm cool." Okay, then! He's walking with his posse when Noelle comes up to him, cracking all the boys up plot-contrivance-style. They all start exclaiming over how Smash didn't learn nothing from O.J. and then break into a little rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Jungle Fever." They fade away and Noelle tells Smash that her parents want him, his mother, and his sisters to come over for dinner. Smash remarks that it's "meet the parents" time and then tells her that he'd love to have dinner with her parents. She leans in all like she's his girlfriend (thanks, show, for giving this relationship some context!) and kisses him.

Santiago is leaving the practice field when Weevil comes up to him shouting, rather embarrassingly, "Dude! It's the Dillon Panthers! Whoa!" I can't quite explain in writing the tone he has, but it makes me cringe. He tells Santiago to get in the car with him, and no protesting that (in whiny voice) "you've got homework." Weevil then declares, dog, that "we're riding tonight. Like old times." Santiago gets in the car, greets his other homies, and takes a seat up on the convertible's back ledge. Cut to the boyz hanging out in front of Buddy and Santiago's apartment complex. They're drinking forties wrapped in paper bags, and Weevil is bagging on some guy with a stuttering problem that got out and then arrested again in the same day. "Stupid! Not like us, huh, we're professionals." I can't even imagine Santiago being a thug; he's standing there swigging from his forty and hanging out, but he does everything with such gentleness. He sort of murmurs in reply to all of Weevil's antics, but the latter doesn't seem to notice what must be a changed aspect in Santiago. Weevil wants to know when Santiago is "going back to work" and then announces that he'll wait about two weeks before getting back into it. Into what? Petty larceny? Drug-dealing? I sort of want to know.

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