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Baby Blues

Santiago catches a glimpse of Buddy's SUV pulling up and quietly says he should go inside. He's too late; Weevil sees Buddy and wants to know who he is. Santiago explains, as Buddy gets out of the car, that Buddy's just a guy that's been helping him out, letting Santiago stay with him. Buddy approaches the group and asks Santiago if everything is okay. Santiago tells him that these guys are his friends and Buddy goes into a completely embarrassing "cool dad" routine, asking the guys if they're all "friends with the Sandman here?" Weevil busts out laughing at the dorky nickname. Buddy then, mortifyingly, tells them that "mi casa su casa" and invites them over for pizza and a movie on Thursday night. Buddy Garrity, it doesn't take a sociologist to be able to tell these guys are maybe not the chips 'n' dip types. Weevil shakes Buddy's hand and then puts it together: "Buddy Garrity! Hey, I've seen your car commercials, man!" Presumably, his brain is already working out what he might be able to steal from the fat cat. Santiago and Buddy walk toward their apartment, Buddy repeatedly telling Santiago that they're "nice guys, nice guys," Santiago just muttering in weak response.

Tami snuggles Gracie in bed, telling Coach about how they ran from the daycare center like they were escaping from prison. Coach tells her he understands and suggests that she just try again tomorrow. She thanks him for being so understanding and he replies, "I have my moments." His hair is looking particularly pleased with itself. Tami hands Gracie over to him and Kyle Chandler proves himself to be the greatest baby-talker in the world. He jokes, "Not you again! Not you again!" and then asks the baby, "Who are you? Where'd you come from?" I'm pretty sure the Taylors would not appreciate it, but I am about half an inch away from jumping into their bed with them during this scene.

Morning. Tami pushes Gracie down the school hallway in a stroller, greeting her students as she goes. She runs into Julie, who brats, "So you wimped out again?" Tami tells her daughter that she didn't "wimp out," that Gracie just isn't ready to go yet. Julie wonders if Tami's just going to cart Gracie around until she's married. Tami just looks at her directly and says "no, I'm not." Julie looks back at her mom just as directly, and you can see that beneath the brat there is a sweet girl. She should probably hold off on lecturing her mother about daycare, though. Julie walks off, wishing Gracie good luck. Tami tells her to have a good day and then mutters under her breath, "Brat." Perfect.

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