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Baby Blues

OH MY GOD, Matt and Landry are hanging out. Matt tells Landry that Car-LOW-ta is leaving, going back to Guatemala. Landry needs to be reminded, "That's the hot maid?" Matt gets defensive, saying that she's not a maid, she's a nurse, and she studies a lot. Then he adds, "And, yeah, she is kinda hot." Landry gets a glint in his eye and asks Matt, "You're not sleeping with the hot maid, are you?" and Matt gets a wide grin on his face as he tells his "best" "friend" (in quotes, because their relationship is one of the many awesome ones to get shitcanned this season) that he is sleeping with her and that it is "kinda cool." I love it when Matthew gets randy. Landry tells Matt that he's proud, and Matt goes back to moping, saying he doesn't know what to do about her leaving. Landry asks if he has feelings for her and Matt says he does, "like serious feelings," and with Landry's prodding admits that he thinks he loves her. Landry just says, "Well, uh, don't go, uh, there," which is a really great line. Matt mutters about how he can't do anything about her leaving, he's just in high school, and that just about breaks my heart, how powerless you sometimes are when you are young.

Lyla and Chris are manning the phones, ready to talk you out of your teenaged horniness. The next call they take is clearly someone putting on a fake, falsetto voice. Lyla furrows her brow, and then we cut over to find that it's Tim Riggins, hanging out in a wheelchair, with Herc sitting on the couch next to him cracking up at his antics. Now, would it have killed someone to have given us one scene in the last few episodes where we see Tim making a habit of hanging out at Jason and Herc's? Also, now that we're on this topic, why wasn't Jason's apartment an option for Tim when he was in self-exile from The Playgirl Ranch? WHERE IS JASON STREET? I have so many questions. So Tim, in his really bad cartoon falsetto, says his name is Tina and that he's wondering because he thinks Jesus is really hot. Herc is dying in the background as Lyla tries to answer the question, saying that the images we have of Christ probably don't have anything to do with reality, that they are based on hundreds of years of art. Oh, and also: racism. Jason wheels out to where Tim and Herc are and asks loudly "What is going on out here?" JASON STREET! I repeat: Jason Street! We have contact! I feel like Jodie Foster when she goes in that whirly physics thing and ends up swimming around with her dead dad! I've missed him so much! I have so many questions! Jason: WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?

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Friday Night Lights




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