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So anyway, the scene continues despite my raving insanity, Jason now whispering "Is that Lyla?" and over in the sound booth, Chris is giving Lyla the thumbs up for how she is handling the prank call. I would say the best way to handle a prank call would be to hang up, but then I am not a Christian teenager. Tim continues, shrieking, "What's the deal with the Shroud of Turin?" and Lyla, now backed by melancholy soundtrack guitars, begins to look hurt as she says that, again, no one really knows. Tim spits, "So someone just painted his face on a sheet?!" and finally Lyla leans in to the microphone and gives him a real tongue-lashing (don't worry; Biblically speaking, a tongue-lashing is not intercourse, either). She disconnects, and Chris jumps in to take another call. Does anyone else feel like Chris is a little self-important? How he's all leaning back with his hands doing that all-fingertips-touching news-reporter thing, like he's Larry King or Christiane Amanpour.

Back over at Jason and Herc's house, Tim and Herc laugh and laugh until Jason upbraids them, asking Tim if this is his way of telling Lyla he likes her. Cut to later that night, when Lyla knocks on the door of The Playgirl Ranch. He opens the door and she tells him that she knows it was him, trying to make her look stupid on the radio. Tim, beer in hand, mumbles that he just thought it was funny. Lyla repeats, "You thought it was funny. Do you ever think about what you're doing? About who you might be hurting?" She tells him that she's doing the show, getting up at four in the morning and after school, too, trying to help people that might need it. She asks if that sounds like something he should screw with, and he helplessly concedes, "No." She continues, advising Tim to start thinking about why he does the things he does, and then turns around to leave. So serene, that girl. Makes you want to shake her up or something.

Smash and his mother and sisters approach the doorstep of Noelle's house. Corinna mutters that he's lucky they came. Yikes, she hates Noelle. They're greeted warmly at the door, and we cut immediately to the dining room table where everyone is laughing and having a grand small-talk time. Noelle's younger sister gets up and invites Smash's two sisters to go play with the Wii. Once they're cleared out, Noelle's mom decides to get this contrived "racism" plot going. She asks Corinna directly how she feels about Smash and Noelle. Noelle looks at her mother with horror. Noelle's mom continues, declaring that their relationship scares her and Corinna repeats, seemingly incredulously, "It scares you?" Noelle's mom continues, trolling out the old "we live in Dillon, Texas" thing and says that no one else is going to be so open-minded about this relationship as they are all being. Smash interrupts to say that the world has changed. Noelle's dad, who has to have the weirdest frowny lower lip I've ever seen, pipes up to say that he would feel a lot more comfortable if Smash and Noelle would break up. Corinna, who I suppose we're meant to think will bristle at these hoity-toity white folks' fear of her son, finally weighs in: "I have to say...I agree."

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