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Baby Blues
Cut to Buddy holding forth in a bar, going on and on to the stranger on his right about how people shouldn't judge others by appearances, but instead look into their hearts, their souls. He declares that "you just have to have faith in people" and then asks his bar buddy a question. If you had an antique gold watch your grandfather gave you, would you leave it in your house with a bunch of thugs? His pal chuckles and says he doesn't believe he would. And you know that Buddy is going to take this opportunity to prove something about himself.

The Taylors are having dinner, Tami looking really down in the mouth. She tells Eric that she knows he thinks she's being weak and overprotective of Gracie. Eric sort of just chews his cud and says, "Uh, no I don't." Tami tells Eric he wouldn't have been so brave if he were in her position, and he responds by reminding her that he offered to take Gracie in. Tami declares that he was not in the right state of mind to do any such thing, and Julie pipes up to ask if they are fighting. They both say, shortly, "No!" and then Eric does what he really should know better about doing. He says, "Well, there are other options." Tami is very, "Mmm hmmmm? Aaaand?" Julie tries to leave the table again, but they don't let her. Tami demands to know what these options are. He suggests maybe a leave of absence, and Tami loses it, telling him that it must be easy to be able to just sit there and judge her, knowing he'd never have to consider leaving his job, "which you love, and have worked so hard for." Tami, really looking hurt and confused, says, "I hear what you're sayin'!" and the three descend into depressing family-meal silence until the doorbell rings. Tami hops up and greets Buddy at the door. She walks back toward the table, saying, "Buddy's here, he's got a box."

Buddy apologizes for the bad timing while Tami sourly gets him a plate for dinner. Buddy says that he's there with all his prized possessions in that box -- his Babe Ruth autographed baseball and his grandfather's gold watch -- and that he just came by "cuz y'all are great parents, you always know what to do." Cut to funny reaction shots of both Julie and Eric. Buddy explains that Santiago's old friends have resurfaced and that he doesn't want to be judgmental or prejudiced but, well, these guys are thugs, but they ought to be allowed to hang out in the house if they're Santiago's friends, and, well, if Santiago sees him take his nice things out of the house, maybe he ought to just put them back in there. Meanwhile, not one Taylor has said a peep. Poor Buddy and his wonky internal compass.

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