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Baby Blues

Smash comes downstairs and ignores his mother on the couch. He gets a drink from the refrigerator and starts to head upstairs again. Corinna stops him, telling him that he's going to talk to her eventually. Smash tells her that what she and Noelle's parents did was stupid and embarrassing. Corinna says she has a right to her own opinion, and Smash storms back upstairs.

Matt knocks on Carlotta's door, mopily. She tells him to come in, and he mopes his way into her room. He wonders what she's doing and she tells him that she's getting ready to go to a quinceañera. He tells her she looks beautiful and then asks what a quinceañera is. She explains it's a birthday party for a fifteen-year-old girl, like a Sweet Sixteen. ["It seemed strange to me that Matt is born and raised in Texas and doesn't know this already." -- Sars] Matt hangs around for a moment awkwardly and then tells her to have fun. She calls as he's leaving her room to invite him to come along. His face lights up

Cut to the quinceañera, which is cute but totally boring. Carlotta explains some of the rituals to him, then gets him onto the dance floor. During a slow dance, Matt tells Carlotta that he doesn't want her to leave, that he loves her and she loves him. She tells him that she wishes it were possible but "my family, my family needs me." GUATEMALA CLAUSE. Who wrote this scene, a monkey? An extremely vague and abstract, non-detail-oriented monkey? They hold each other close on the dance floor. And hold each other some more. And then some more. As if showing them holding each other closely will make us forget that this is yet one more relationship on the show that no one ever really cared about.

Noannie rushes Smash out the door. As they leave, Corinna thanks Smash for taking his little sister to the movies and he coldly says, "You're welcome." She shakes her head as they leave.

Buddy carefully places all his prized possessions on the mantelpiece one by one. Santiago comes in and looks at Buddy and his ridiculous things with trepidation. He says he should go get some things for when they come over and Buddy gives him some money. Seriously, why would Buddy place everything out in the open on the very night there's obviously going to be a wild party? If his stuff wasn't on the mantel before, why now? By being so overt about "trusting" Santiago, I'm sure Santiago gets the fact that there is something about him that seems untrustworthy. Oh, Buddy. How can a grown man be so misguided?

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