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When The Hurlyburly's Done

Commercials. The Garritys sit in the kitchen and discuss Lyla's refusal to come to terms with Jason's injury. Lyla listens from the balcony upstairs. That's the problem with these rich folks homes. All that open space and open floor plan means you can't bad mouth your own daughter in privacy. Lyla's mom begs Buddy for some help, points out that he finds time to make an eighty-mile drive for the football team, but can't find time for his daughter. Lyla's mom continues, saying Lyla's living in a fantasy land -- cut to Lyla cringing at that -- that she isn't thinking about college or her own future, that she put her eggs in one basket and that they let her do it. Buddy tells his wife to chill out, that "she'll get bored, she'll move on." Ugh. That is one cynical reading of how your own flesh and blood will react to a tragedy. Get bored of dealing with it. DIE BUDDY GARRITY, DIE!

At the Taylor household, Tami sits being hot hot hot, and Julie watches TV. Taylor rummages around the kitchen for dinner, while Tami asks him about this Katrina quarterback stuff. Tami tells Taylor that Matt's really stressed out about all of it, and Taylor, hat pushed back off his forehead like "Sheesh, woman, I ain't got time for this," wonders whether he should go over Matt's house and make him some Ovaltine and read him a bedtime story. Julie gets up to go to her room, saying "Bye, Daddy!" and then mouthing something at her mom, like she knows this is going to be a fight. Tami asks her husband to not be so sarcastic, and Coach clenches -- this is the week of the clench, not the furrow -- "I think everyone in this damn town is telling me to do my job and I think the one thing these kids don't need is compassion and I think..." and so on. Tami just nods and "yeps" her husband like she's seen this before until the TV catches her eye. It's Smash, and he's on the news badmouthing Coach Taylor. Taylor picks up the phone and calls "Mac" -- who I now gather is Assistant Coach Dubby -- and tells him to get the team together and meet him at the fieldhouse in a half hour.

Yes! I love it when a plan comes together! Cut to a full-on awesome A-Team montage of the players getting the calls -- coming out of their bedrooms in their boxers (Matt, aw!), lifting weights (Riggs), eating hamburgers (some dude) -- and then finally Smash in his house commanding his little sister to answer a knock at the door, only to find Coach Taylor marching into his house, a mouth full of gum (that can only mean one thing: business!), and telling Smash to be ready in two minutes. The boys file onto a school bus to pensive music just as a huge thunderstorm opens up.

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