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When The Hurlyburly's Done

Back out at Guantanamo, the players' spirits have been broken and they file docilely back onto the bus. U.S.A! U.S.A.! Coach Taylor stops Riggs and tells him in no uncertain terms that what happened to Jason was an accident. Riggs chokes up as he finally says what he's been thinking for three episodes, "I didn't even try --" and Coach reiterates, "It is not your fault. I want you to let yourself off the hook." Riggs says "Yes, sir" a few times and then heads toward the bus when Coach grabs his shirt and tells him that Riggs owes him a practice, so he can just walk home and they'll call it even. Heh. Riggs looks disbelievingly at Taylor as the latter gets on the bus, the rain still pouring down. Poor, wet puppy dog. I'll give you a good home. Woof! The bus pulls away and Pearl Jam starts up on the soundtrack and we transition...

To Lyla driving home in her fancy little mini-SUV and noticing Riggs walking along the side of the road. She pulls over and asks if he wants a ride. He responds by asking if it isn't past her bedtime and then continues walking along. She accelerates past him, puts the car in park and hops out, and perhaps if you were deaf you wouldn't know exactly what was about to happen, but if you aren't deaf and you can hear that Eddie Vedder angst on the soundtrack, then you know there are going to be some teens flailing and screaming and feeling misunderstood, so misunderstood that they just might fall accidentally onto one anothers lips. Or so my previous experiences with Eddie Vedder indicate is the likely outcome of Boy+Girl+90s Hangover Rock equation.

Lyla asks Riggs if he's drunk and Riggs heartbreakingly answers, "Soon enough, Lyla, soon enough." Lyla really starts letting it fly, furrowing her brow and yelling at Riggs, "You can walk! You can walk on your own two feet to go get another glass of beer if that's what you want!" The idea of Riggs pouring the beer from the tall boy into a glass is totally hilarious. This girl needs to go to Bad Boy School to learn the ways of the wily. Minka Kelly's Marlee Matlin speech patterns are even more bizarre as she is delivering all of these lines through clenched teeth. She breaks down and demands of Riggs, "What is wrong with you?" and then hauls off and slaps him across the face. Holy Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan! She continues hitting Riggs in the chest, and he backs up as she unloads, "Why won't you go see him? Why won't you help me?" Taylor Kitsch is nailing this scene, realizing that Lyla isn't quite the goody-two-shoes he thought she was, he finally grabs her arms and stops her flailing as she moans and rocks and cries out into the dark, dark Eddie Vedder night, "HE'S NEVER GONNA WALK AGAIN BOO HOO HOO HOO!" Riggs pulls her in close and they hug, nuzzling into one another's necks until Lyla starts moving her face across Riggs's face and, well, HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE -- her hair is in a ponytail! Make-out violation!

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Friday Night Lights




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