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When The Hurlyburly's Done

Eddie Vedder takes us over to the Taylors as Coach crawls into bed with his wife, and then into the next day as the nurses dress and prepare Jason to leave the hospital. And again I have to remark about the fact that we are fully watching a teen drama that centers on a paralyzed eighteen-year-old body. Mrs. Street takes down Lyla's dumb banner and wonders where she is. I'm not sure. Perhaps sharing lipstick with Riggs? Jason is put into his wheelchair just as Lyla comes in somewhat sheepishly with -- ding, ding, ding, ding! -- hair down and sexy according to Rule 46B. She hugs the Streets hello and then leans down to greet Jason, who apologizes for yelling at her and asks her to pretend like none of it ever happened. She agrees and kisses him and then stands up and looks around, all secrets and lies. Jason gets wheeled out of the room, football clasped between his wrists once again, as he banters with the nurses, and pal, that golden boy shit just ain't gonna cut it now that Lyla's gotten a taste of the dark, dark, Eddie Vedder night.

Football field, an idyllic practice set to Explosions in the Sky, everyone giving 200%, the team a well-oiled machine. Mac remarks, "Never underestimate the power of a good spanking," and everyone is happy with the way things are in the House of I Hit You Because I Love You. That is, until Nasty Sweaty walks onto the field followed by Voodoo. The team stops to gawk, and Nasty Sweaty good ol' boys, "We got ourselves a quarterback, Coach!" Taylor pauses to do some "Fair is foul, foul is fair" reflection, before extending his hand in welcome and sending the kid off to get suited up. Matt Saracen looks on in trepidation and the camera does a swooping low pan across the field towards Voodoo -- who we know is an interesting guy if only for choosing Coach's inspirational speech over a new Escalade -- who looms and looks around him rather gloomily. Cut to black.

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