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When The Hurlyburly's Done

In the hospital, a physical therapist has Jason sitting upright in bed, trying to get him to lift his thighs. Which seems kind of premature, right? I mean, isn't he supposed to work on getting use of his arms and hands back first? Anyhow, she tells him to take a break, but he sort of hysterically tells her he wants to keep trying. She says "not today" and then eases him back onto the bed. Lyla walks in and the P.T. leaves, and Lyla sits down to natter on cheerfully, massaging Jason's fingers between her own. She tells him (omitting most consonant sounds, of course) that they're expecting a huge turnout for the pancake supper and when he doesn't seem to know what she's talking about, she exposits, "the benefit? To help with the cost of the rehab facility?" Throughout this scene, Jason seems exhausted and done with her peppy jibber-jabber.

I guess it's time to mention that Lyla is bare-shouldered and wearing her hair down. This is all according to the FCC Teen Sexuality Regulations, of course, as it is, I believe, against Rule 46B to have a teen display any sexuality while wearing her hair in a ponytail. Lyla starts getting a little hot when discussing the rehab facility; she sort of leans over Jason, dropping her face close to his and says, "That's where you're gonna get your legs back," and then leans in to do a little making out, overcoming Jason's objections with some sweet murmuring. If this scene wasn't so brutal, I'd interject a few more digs at Lyla's PURE INSANITY, except as they make out, Lyla starts moving her left arm down his body, down his paralyzed legs. Jason is smiling and enjoying the making out, but he clearly can't feel her hands, and when Lyla pulls back in involuntary disgust, he doesn't really know what's happening, and when she calls the nurse, Jason is desperately asking what's going on, and when the nurse comes in and says, calmly, "Jason, it's your catheter," and Jason sort of abjectly moans, "Oh, god!" and Lyla sort of stands at the end of the bed in shock, and the nurse asks her to give them a minute, and WHY TV? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? Brutal.

Outside a convenience store, Tim sits in his truck eating chicken wings or some shit, when Mrs. Street pulls up in her car. She notices him and walks over to his truck. He's reticent as usual, but utterly polite. When she says that Jason's been asking about him, and he sort of stutters in reply, she quickly changes the subject. She says that just because Jason's in the hospital, that doesn't mean he can't come over for Tuesday night dinner, and then as she turns to leave, she tells him to take care of himself, and reaches out and smoothes his greasy hair back behind his ear: "Get some rest, okay?" Tears! Mrs. Street is not the grasping, delusional Lady MacBeth the first two episodes started making her out to be.

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