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When The Hurlyburly's Done

Coach Taylor and Julie walk into the fast food joint having an unbelievably lively conversation when it comes to dads and fifteen-year-old daughters. Julie is like a freaky little sprite, chirping about getting a dog and then calling out to the counter, "Onion rings! And a spicy chicken sandwich for Mom!" Julie sort of flumps over to a seat while her dad charms the counter girl with his ordering. A big old guy in an Hawaiian shirt and gross goatee asks Julie, "You're Eric Taylor's girl, right?" This isn't going to end well. Not with a Hawaiian shirt. A man in a Hawaiian shirt is a man who clearly just does not give a fuck. Julie answers in the affirmative and then Hawaii Five-O asks her if they've started packing yet. She shoots a glance at her dad, who walks over and leans in to ask the man if there's a problem. Hawaii Five-O tells him he was simply informing Julie of what happens when a coach pisses a season away with dumb-ass plays. Julie looks on with furrowed brows. You go girl! Furrowing like a Taylor! Kyle Chandler is, again, awesome in this scene. He's got neat dad jeans on, a green polo tucked neatly into them, and friendly hair that started the night just being all, "Hamburgers are on me!" -- so when he leans in and starts speaking through his teeth at this jerk, you know it's serious. He clenches that he's at this restaurant with his fifteen-year-old daughter, and so he's just going to walk away. Then he says to the jerk, "But that's real nice, I sure do appreciate it" and his sarcasm is right on point. He gathers his daughter and they leave, Taylor instructing his daughter, "do not listen to that," as Hawaii Five-O flashes his -- wait for it -- high school state championship ring at Taylor and tells him he'll never win one of those. Taylor gives him an open-palmed wave through the glass of the restaurant that turns into a little punch in the air as he walks out of the frame.

Commercials. On the football field, the boys are running relays as Coach Taylor yells about the big guys they'll be playing at the end of the week. He shouts that they have to be faster, because they are not bigger. Smash sort of slows down and doesn't complete his sprint, then saunters over to Taylor to instruct the coach that the boys have been talking and they all think they need to practice some hand-offs to give Matt some practice -- that Matt is the weak link, the problem. Taylor listens impassively until Smash's bravado peters out, then informs everyone that he was going to let them out early, but after Smash's speech, he thinks they should run five more. Smash protests, and Coach Taylor quickly ups it to ten, to which Smash protests even more only to have Taylor top him with, "How 'bout fifteen? Wanna see how high I can count? I can count real high!" Smash finally gives in and the boys start running more.

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