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When The Hurlyburly's Done

Pancake supper. Mmmm. Not too many things better than breakfast for dinner, in my book. Willie Nelson plays; the restaurant is packed with young and old enjoying the delicious sweet/salty combination of maple syrup and bacon. Julie and a girlfriend are grossed out by how sloppily some of the boys eat. Julie suggests they "go get a turkey burger." Together with her earlier declaration that three hamburgers for her father would be "too much dead cow," she's got a Miniature Rebellion going on. If she lived on one of the coasts, she'd be a full-on vegan, but in this town, eschewing a hamburger once in a while is like burning a flag while watching Battleship Potemkin. As Julie leaves, she runs into Matt, who offers her his soy sausage. Yes, you read that correctly. She says no thanks and then offers him her pancakes. Kids these days. Sometimes you don't know what they're talking about with their "soy sausages" and "pancakes."

Lady Mayor chews pancakes, in addition to scenery, while she talks with Tami about her new job as a guidance counselor, making sure to mention that the last counselor killed herself with pills. Tami just double-takes, "I'm sorry?" Meanwhile, Nasty Sweaty Buddy Garrity says the same shit he always says to Coach Taylor, this time urging Taylor to "move on this Katrina kid." When Taylor interrupts to say "I just hope this thing is on the up and up," N.S.B.G. tells him he'll handle it, and that all he wants from Taylor is that he look at the tapes.

Tyra "I'm Not Some Piece of Trash" Collette, sashays through the pancake dinner wearing -- what else? -- an eight-inch long mini-skirt and backless sparkly top. She runs into Smash, who she's totally taller than, who tries to sweet-talk her a little bit. Palicki is giving great BitchFace in this scene. She asks where Tim is, and Smash tells her he's probably passed out cold somewhere.

Cut to Tim, who is merely on his way to passing out, downing cans of beer and then hitting the empties into a windswept gorge with a golf club. The grasses rustle, and the light is grey-blue. Tyra rolls up in her pick-up truck, parking next to Tim's pick-up truck. Aw, kissing pick-up trucks! Tyra greets the "dumb ass" with a smile and wonders if he thinks she's just going to go away. Tim responds by saying, well, yes, exactly, "but you don't seem to want to get the message." Hurtful. Tyra's face falls, and she lashes out, telling Tim that he thinks he's such a tough guy, but he can't even go see Jason in the hospital. She tells him to grow a set. He takes a swig of beer, and she turns to get back in her truck. He calls after her, asking how Smash was. She can't meet his eyes when she tells him nothing really happened, but then it occurs to her that he's standing in a glass house himself. "Don't pretend like you haven't slept with half the rally girls." Tim responds by observing, "We sure do have something special here, Tyra." Ouch.

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