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When The Hurlyburly's Done

She gives as good as she gets, though, as she tells Tim that he's "just another mediocre football player who's going to grow up to drink himself to death." Ah, a clue! I do hope they're keeping an effed-up mom in their back pockets for this character, some floozy who'll come around and embarrass everyone by getting drunk at high society -- wait, that's another show. When Tyra threatens that if she gets in the truck, she'll never come back, Tim sort of just grunts in reply, and then clarifies with disgust, "I get it, Tyra." She can't believe that they're "breakin' up for real and that's all you say? That's great." (I love how inarticulate these teens are. "Breakin' up for real." Aww.) She pauses for a moment in her truck to compose herself, and then looks back at Tim with the look of a little wounded fox; he's just gone back to hitting beer cans like nothing ever happened.

Commercials. The coaches and coordinators are gathered, eating popcorn and watching the Voodoo tapes. It becomes clear that the assistant coach saw the tape already at Buddy's house during a barbecue. Taylor's like "I didn't know y'all were such good friends."

And we have contact, people! We're in an actual high school hallway! Though I suspect that somebody doesn't want us to realize this, as this scene is shot in way-overzealous handheld style. Tim's Rally Girl comes up to give him his paper on East of Eden, in which she made sure to misspell lots of words so it looked like he did it. Spell-check should make this joke obsolete, but alas, I am here to tell you that even students attending a school that costs six figures a year do not know how to use spell-check, so this is less inaccurate than you might hope. Rally Girl adds, "I heard you broke up with Tyra!" rather expectantly, and Tim grunts, "I guess that's true," before shouldering past the bland blonde only to get chased down by the bland brunette. Lyla -- re-ponytailed, and so de-sexualized according to Rule 46B -- runs to catch up with Tim to tell him about a prayer meeting they're having later for Jason. Tim shakes his head and asks, "What are we praying for, Lyla? A new spine for Jay?" She crumples in front of him, and he walks off. Lyla gathers herself together to call after him, "I know you don't do anything you don't want to do, and I guess that's fine. But don't insult me." He looks at her intently, and we can tell it's brewing. He can see past that ponytail, man, and what he sees is a proud, passionate woman looking to be let out. Rrawr!

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