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When The Hurlyburly's Done

Matt goes to Tami's office to ask her if he can drop pre-calculus so he can go to morning practices. Tami says okay but wonders when he'll take it, and he says he thinks he can handle it next semester. Tami displays simply SUPERIOR counseling skillz as she says, "Okay. As long as you take it," and then when Matt says he will, she follows up with a zinger of a question, "You sure?" Even Matt is rolling his eyes at her. She asks him how he's doing, and he tells her the team is going to do better on Friday. She clarifies, "No, what I mean is how are you doing?" He doesn't even seem to know how to answer the question. He tells Tami that his grandmother is going through a "good spell" right now, which prompts Tami to ask about the "bad spells." Matt naively tells her that his grandmother just gets loopy sometimes, sometimes forgets to take her medicine, no big deal. Tami realizes that it IS a big deal, for a kid to have that kind of responsibility. She tells him he has a lot on his plate, and says she thinks football is a full-time job in itself for the kids. Matt tells her he just hopes he gets to keep playing, and then spills the beans, "I keep hearing they're trying to bring in this Katrina refugee or sumthin'? This quarterback?" Close-up profile on Tami: "I never heard anything about that." Gulp. Intrigue! Temptation! Will Coach Taylor sacrifice right for success?! What is this, MacBeth?

Explosions in the Sky guitars. Lord, am I glad they've given my tear ducts a rest this episode so far. Outside at practice, they're doing some sort of awful exercise where one person runs through a gauntlet of like ten boys punching him from side to side with these life-saver-looking thingies. Heh. Told you I don't know a lot about football. Riggins is going rather slowly through this gauntlet, and so Taylor makes him go again, with similar results. Taylor calls him over and gives him a quiet talking-to. "You give 110% all the time, not just when you feel like it." It could just be me, but I sense a theme developing! Riggins needs to learn that it is NOT all about him. Close-up on Riggins's face through his helmet. GOD, these boys look like sad little men when they wear helmets. Taylor urges him to run the gauntlet again. Riggins starts unlatching his helmet, and Taylor just repeats, "Don't do that. Don't do what I think you're doing. Don't do that" but to no avail: Riggins walks away from practice. The Assistant Coach -- this guy needs a name, but he's totally a throw-away character so far -- tells Taylor to let him go and then informs Taylor that Riggins has been watching the game tape from when Street got hurt, over and over. All of Assistant Coach's lines seem dubbed, so let's call him Dubby for now. Dubby's theory is that Riggs blames himself for Street's injury.

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