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When The Hurlyburly's Done

After practice, everyone files off the field, and Nasty Sweaty Buddy Garrity calls Taylor over to his car in the parking lot. DOES THIS MAN NEVER WORK? Or is his job simply trying to make me gay, so disgusting do I find his manliness to be? Buddy playfully remarks that NOBODY would ever have walked off practice "in the old days." It seems that Dubby is the assistant coach leaning up against Garrity's car...but all these blue-shirted middle-aged men start to become hard to tell apart. Taylor has no Buddy Patience right now and asks what he wants. Buddy brings up the Katrina kid again, and Taylor replies, "Matt Saracen may be a wild card, but one thing I like about Matt Saracen is I don't have to be worried about recruiting violations." Buddy is quick with the smarm, assuring Taylor that there's no recruiting involved, that this is simply the case of a boy and his family being devastated by Katrina and the town of Dillon coming together to help them out. Cram it, Sweaty.

Cut to Sweaty, Taylor, and Dubby walking up to a motel. As they turn a corner on the outdoor staircase, they run into a football coach from another school and awkwardly greet one another. This is a dirty deal, and Taylor knows it. He's totally compromised here. The three walk into the motel, where Voodoo, his mother, father, and a mother-effing agent sit in the stuffy room. The agent does the talking for the black folks, opening with the drama of the Tatom family being displaced. Buddy does the talking for the white folks, saying that the people of Dillon want to open their hearts. Ugh. This is one ugly deal. Buddy goes on, promising housing, a new job for Mr. Tatom, a fund, "might be able to help a family get up on its feet." While Buddy talks, Taylor just rubs his face and hangs back, exchanging glances with the ominous-looking Voodoo, a kid who's been put in this mercenary situation and made to think it's all for the good. The agent demands a guaranteed start, and Buddy assures him that that would be part of the deal. At this, Coach Taylor steps forward, addressing the football player, not his "agent," asking the kid if he wants to go all the way. Voodoo is cocky: "I am going all the way." Taylor tells the kid that if that's what he wants, he needs to be on the number one team in Texas, that it isn't about new cars and start-up money, that what they are talking about here is his future. If only they would talk about his education. Taylor tells the kid that "starting positions aren't handed out in motel rooms, they're earned on the field," and then wishes everyone good luck, again making sure to acknowledge the kid's family, not his agent, and leaves. Voodoo watches him leave, obviously inspired. What Voodoo doesn't know is how inspired he's going to get once he sees Coach Taylor's hair out from under that hat.

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