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Oh, hi! So, um, have you seen this episode yet? Because if you're reading this recap to find out what happened, I gotta be honest. You're probably better off actually watching it and then coming back here. Or I guess the book is pretty popular too. You could try that, I guess. My point is that this recap will be, I hope, entertaining. And enjoyable. But you definitely want to watch this episode.

Right. With that out of the way, let's get to the opening credits. After the usual King's Landing, we get something new! As we go north over the Riverlands, we zoom in on The Twins, which are a pair of castle-like towers on either end of a big bridge across the river. Then up north to Winterfell and The Wall, and over to Vaes Dothrak. Although I don't think they're actually still in that city.

Ned Stark, it appears, is still in prison, where everything is dark. Then a torch appears, with Varys behind it. That's kind of a good news/bad news situation. Varys tells Ned that many still pray for him, specifically Sansa, who has pled for his life in court. Ned figures that's the sort of thing that caused a lot of laughter, but Varys promises that he does not want Ned's blood. And then he has a story about his pre-eunuch days when he was part of a troupe of actors. The moral is that his role in life is to be sly, obsequious, and without scruples. That's a pretty harsh view of actors, isn't it? Some of them aren't all that obsequious. Anyway, he admits that he could free Ned, but he won't. Ned wants to know what Varys is after, and the answer turns out to be "peace." Well, good luck with that. He also wants to let Ned know that Robb is marching south with an army of Northmen. Well, that worries Ned, because Robb's just a boy. They get to talking about other options for king and Ned insists that Stannis Baratheon is next in the line of succession. Varys was trying to bring up the topic of who would be a good king, but that's not Ned's style. Varys employs a wolf metaphor to suggest that Cersei would prefer some kind of peaceful resolution to all this. So Varys would like Ned to serve the realm and lay down his sword. He believes Cersei would let Ned take the black. Whaddya say, Ned? He says no. Like Eddard Stark is going to sell his honor for a few more years of life. Hell, no! This guy has spent his entire life waiting for a way that he can prove to everyone just how honorable he is. Ned says he grew up with soldiers, not actors. So instead of learning to lie, he learned to die. That doesn't actually sound like a huge improvement to me. Varys shrugs and asks, "What of your daughter's life, my lord? Is that a precious thing to you?" Ned considers that. Exit Varys.

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